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cover by Hackatao

We are proud to announce the #01 Issue of “The NFT Magazine
with the cover by the international NFT Crypto Artist duo Hackatao!

Discover everything about NFT & Crypto Art, the market trends, the top 20 NFT Artists, and read the exclusive interviews.

Find out the Top 10 Bluechip Artists NFT Projects and the Female Crypto Artists that are taking the Art World by the storm.

The NFT Cover will be revealed at the time of the drop,
on the 2nd of November at h 20.00 (CET) on Opensea in:

The #01 Issue is now SOLD OUT!!


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"Beyond the void" by Hackatao

The term LIGHT refers to the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to the human eye.
Diffuse reflection from surfaces is the main mechanism by which objects reveal themselves to our eyes.
Hackatao’s artworks, among many other peculiarities, are characterized by the presence of many eyes with their eyelids always open, like cracks, cuts.
In this ARTISTIC EXCHANGE between Hackatao and Fontana, the main character is everything that goes BEYOND and that is captured by and through the gashes as well as by the eyes themselves. That light that lies beyond our universe or reality, as we perceive it, to which Fontana has opened the way with an act of CONSTRUCTION rather than DESTRUCTION, like that of his cuts.
And today it is precisely those gashes to be the point of contact which brings both Hackatao and Fontana in the same space at the same time; thus giving us back the opportunity of an all-round vision of what transpires behind and beyond the CANVAS, of two different and dual entities, two surfaces, two worlds.
In BEYOND THE VOID these cuts are both black holes and/or glimpses; the precise point at which the universe congeals.

Eleonora Brizi

Hackatao, 2021 / Digital Animation – Minted on SuperRare


Hackatao via Twitter

Interview with Hackatao

They are an Italian art-duo sought after by the most important NFT collectors and not only.

They sold more than 27 million $ worth of artworks, and they have been collaborating with auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s

Read the exclusive interview with Hackatao only on “The NFT Magazine” and get to know everything about their incredible path, from the beginning to their participation in the Crypto Art Revolution.

Market Trends and Platforms

Stay up-to-date by discovering the latest trends that are driving the NFT Art Market.

Get exclusive data and insights on the largest marketplaces, predict the future trends.

Top 20 NFT Artists

Nowadays, there are many NFT artists, but only a few are really disrupting the sector.

Find out who are the Top 20 NFT Artists of the moment, their top 3 sales, their overall transaction volume, their highest and average sales.

Top 10 BlueChip Artists
NFT Projects

Crypto Art is a phenomenon that is intriguing also artists already established in the traditional art market.

Damien Hirst, Murakami and not only: discover 10 Bluechip Artists that are exploring the world of NFTs with new sensational projects.

“The Currency Project” of Damien Hirst via Twitter

Marjan Moghaddam via Twitter

Top 10 Female Crypto Artists

Discover the Top 10 Female Crypto Artists that are taking the Art World by the storm.

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    Each NFT Cover of the monthly magazine will be unique, with over 10 different traits to collect.

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