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Interview with Hackatao

They are an Italian art-duo sought after by the most important NFT collectors and not only.

They sold more than 27 million $ worth of artworks, and they have been collaborating with auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

Here a sneak peak of the exclusive interview with Hackatao only on “The NFT Magazine” to get to know everything about their incredible path, from the beginning to their participation in the Crypto Art Revolution.

When and how did you start working on digital art?

Well before 2018, the year that marked the beginning of the shift between art and Blockchain, we formed as an art duo, and our work was already digital. It was 2007.

We come from the world of communication and what today have become the essential tools to create our works were already then – as advanced graphics software – so we started our research beginning from digital. 

Conscious and confident of our work, we continued our research by promoting our Podmork, totemic creatures with ancestral forms that are at the center of our artistic imagination.

Whatever the works were, in their digital or physical format, the presence of animated gifs was essential, not only for their promotional sense of the work to be used to disseminate them via social media but also as a means of expression that goes beyond the physical.

Animated gifs could almost be considered our prelude to the total shift to digital. In 2018, the entry into the world of Crypto Art had represented a sort of “return to the origins,” to that digital DNA of ours that has always distinguished us, without the intermediation of the physical, because the works have found a new and proper dimension.

What impact does the community that supports you have on your work?

Since its creation, we have lived in the crypto community, where its sense was even stronger than today because there was so much to build and experiment with. 

In the NFT world, the sense of community is very strong. Artists, collectors, and developers are engaged within communities to build a different way of enjoying art.

The confrontation is intriguing and challenging daily and makes you feel that you are doing something that will make history in art and its market.

Many collectors support the work of many artists: in our case WhaleShark, a crypto collector since 2012, hosts inside his Discord channel two of our servers, a public one called #Mork-Cafè, and a private one whose access is provided only to the people of the community in possession of our social money $Mork.

It’s a very close and supportive community, which also proposes projects and ideas to be implemented, thanks to which new visions are born as “Queens&Kings” that will be launched soon. We believe this can also be an expressive artistic tool.

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