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She has more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram, and her artworks have been exhibited in the top cities like Tokyo, Florence, London, Paris and New York. 

We’re talking about ELLEN SHEIDLIN, a young, multi-media artist, who actively experiments with NFT Technologies, to whom is dedicated this #04 Issue of CryptoArt Monograph.

Her artworks are a visionary mix of realism, dreams and virtuality, which the artist calls survirtualism , for the first time thoroughly enclosed in a Phygital Book, carefully curated by Auronda Scalera & Alfredo Cramerotti.

This monograph at hand offers a unique perspective on the work of Ellen Sheidlin, showcasing a series of images that form a cohesive, animated artwork. Rather than presenting traditional, static artworks, the images in this book are frames taken from a larger, moving or animated piece.

This approach transforms the viewing experience, inviting the reader to immerse themselves in the artist’s creative process and journey.


Ellen Sheidlin is a multimedia artist who creates digital photos and video images, works in the genres of sculpture and painting, and actively experiments with NFT technologies. For more than 10 years Ellen has used social networks as the main platform for her work, combining Internet aesthetics with images from personal mythology to create a personal author’s world.

Ellen herself describes the method she has developed as “survirtualism” – a mixture of the digital and the physical, the dreamlike and the real, the material and the intangible. The artist often uses her own image to create works, showing how versatile our personalities can be and how many different facets, sensations and worlds lie within each person. Ellen has exhibited all over the world, including in Tokyo, Florence, London, Paris and New York.

The artist’s work has resulted in her main Instagram page with more than 4.3 million followers, as well as a page dedicated to Ellen’s paintings with more than 200,000 followers. Ellen also works extensively with brands, and has created pieces for Nike, Esteé Lauder, Moncler, Bacardi, BMW, Instagram, Swatch, Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Pepsico and more.

According to my personal feelings, this race and universal love for social networks will pass. Everyone will return to reality” – Ellen Sheidlin

“Whisper” is a special NFT edition commissioned specifically for the publication’s launch. Sheidlin created a multiple-identity NFT artwork that replicates her face many times, a surrealist digital painting-like composition that explores the concept of manifold self. The work is a sort of visual feast for viewers, with Sheidlin’s visage brought to life through a series of animated elements that exude whimsy and charm, and are presented in looped cartoons. It is a bold exploration of self-identity and the fluidity of perception. 


The looped nature of the animation generates a sense of infinite possibility, inviting the audience to explore the different facets of her repeated identities. This last work of digital art is therefore an inspiring exploration of the fluidity and multiplicity of self-identity. The replication of her face into a surrealist painting-like, animated composition, brings on a rather deep connection with the viewer.


In this intriguing artwork, a cluster of ears symbolizes the diverse range of voices that contribute to our inner dialogue. The ears whisper different thoughts, rumors, delusions, judgments, and love, reminding us of the complexity of the human mind. The whispers, though distinct and disparate, coalesce into a single voice that is both a reflection of the artist and a representation of the viewer’s own internal dialogue. The message is clear: all the rumors are true, all these voices are a part of us, and it is up to us to embrace them and turn them into art. The last word spoken by the many whispers is a resounding statement: you are the art, and your inner world is a masterpiece that awaits to be created.

The Physical version of this Artwork has been exposed at the Tokyo Art Fair, supported by Art Basel.

The guest curators

Auronda Scalera

curator | advisor | collector

Auronda Scalera plays a significant role in contemporary and digital art. She is an art curator, art consultant, and global ambassador for art and culture and lives between London, Dubai, and the Metaverse. She organizes webinars on NFTs, AI, and the Metaverse for the PlusTate UK institutional network of museums. SkyTV / ClassCNBC interviewed her among others, including Refik Anadol and Luciano Floridi, on AI, art and museums. The UK Parliament, House of Lords invited her as an expert witness to talk about art, the Metaverse and Web3.

The NYC Journal highlighted her on the Top 20 inspiring women in 2023 and she participated as a discussant during the latest World Economic Forum on Web3 and the Metaverse for 100woman x Davos. In 2022, she was appointed Co-Director of IAM–Infinity Art Museum, the first ever-evolving museum of contemporary art on the blockchain. On the occasion of the next Venice Art Biennale 2024, she is the Co-Curator of the Decentral Art Pavilion of digital arts.

Alfredo Cramerotti

Cultural Entrepreneur | Contemporary Art Museum Director | Arts x Advanced Technologies Curator | Writer & Broadcaster

Alfredo Cramerotti directs Mostyn contemporary art museum in the UK and works as an independent curator in digital, immersive, and generative/AI art, co-directing IAM–Infinity Art Museum, a commissioning contemporary art museum on the blockchain. He leads IKT–International Association of Contemporary Art Curators and the Digital Strategies Committee of AICA–International Association of Art Critics; advises the UK Government Art Collection, the British Council Visual Arts Acquisition Committee, and the Italian Ministry of Culture 2022–24. 

He has curated major exhibitions for biennials and institutions, including four national pavilions and collateral events at the Venice Biennale, Hong Kong Arts Centre; EXPO Chicago, and the biennials Sequences VII in Reykjavik, Iceland and Manifesta 8, Region of Murcia, Spain. 

He has written extensively on topics such as the intersection of art and technology and the impact of globalization on the art world, with over 200 texts published


Inside this incredible book, you’re going to find:

  • Editorial by Andrea Concas – Publisher of The NFT Magazine
  • Full Biography of the cover artist ellen sheidlin


  • Interview with ELLEN SHEIDLIN by Alessia Cuccu – Editor in Chief of The NFT Magazine
  • Image catalog of the NFT ARTWORKS AS A STORYBOARD,  for the first time enclosed in a single collectible publication,

A special BookDrop with an unpublished Cover

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Each artist featured in the Crypto Art Monograph creates a totally unpublished artwork, minted for the first time on Nifty Gateway, becoming part of his/her artistic production.

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CryptoART Monograph

The time has come to tell the great Crypto Artists, their history, their artistic research, their digital works of art, and the platforms and metaverses where they operate.

The CryptoArt Monograph series by The NFT Magazine was created in collaboration with the most important and visionary curators to narrate and “timestamp” the evolution of Crypto Art to the present day over time.

What is an artist monograph

An artist monograph is a collector’s book focused on a single artist, which allows, through content, insights, and all the artworks pictures, to get to know everything about the artist and his/her research

Why Crypto Art Monograph was born

After the great international success of the book “CRYPTO ART BEGINS” born on an idea and project by The NFT Magazine, published by Rizzoli, we have decided to continue the work of research and curatorship on the world of Crypto Art, yet to be discovered.

Thanks to “Crypto Art Monograph” we reveal every month the great protagonists of the digital art scene in the WEB3.

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