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We are proud to present the #05 Issue of The NFT Magazine
with the amazing international artist ELLEN SHEIDLIN

After the fourth disruptive Issue, The NFT Magazine comes back with its usual insights and profound analysis of the ever-changing Crypto Art & NFT Market and not only.

A lot of juicy news is coming, from the loss of “Blue Farmer, to the NFT Marketplace of OpenSea with zero fees and the state-of-art o fNFTs in the UK.

Discover our new SuperRare Space and the 2 artists involved, Soy Fira and Crypto Duuuudes, along with the exclusive interviews with the selected artists for the April Readers Gallery Drop.

Read our insights on 2 exciting events, Metaforum Milan and NFT Rome, coming in the following months in Italy.


Trading report april 2023 CryptoCurrencies & NFTS

The first quarter of 2023 is coming to an end, so how has it been so far for the NFT & Crypto Market? What awaits us in the next month? Read the Issue to know more!

metaforum milan
and nft rome

Discover 2 events/festivals all about NFT and Blockchain that are going to be held in Milan and Rome in the following months


Read the exclusive interviews with this amazing artists that is going to be involved in the our first Drop on SuperRare Space!

interview with worldian, alberto maria colombo and chemosynthetic

Discover the artists that were selected in the APR 2K23 READERS GALLERY DROP, thanks to our exclusive interviews.

The time has come to tell the great Crytpo Artists, their history, their artistic research, their digital works of art, the platforms and metaverses where they operate.

The CryptoArt Monograph series was created in collaboration with the most important and visionary curators to narrate and timestamp” the evolution of Crypto Art to the present day over time.

Every month we will tell and dedicate the cover of The NFT Magazine to one of the great Crypto Artists and Curators to create a series of printed Crypto Art Monographs and NFTs to be read and collected.

Ellen Sheidlin is a multimedia artist who creates digital photo and video images, works in the genres of sculpture and painting, and actively experiments with NFT technologies. For more than 10 years Ellen has used social networks as the main platform for her work, combining Internet aesthetics with images from personal mythology to create a personal author’s world.

Ellen herself describes the method she has developed as survirtualism – a mixture of the digital and the physical, the dreamlike and the real, the material and the intangible. The artist often uses her own image to create works, showing how versatile our personalities can be and how many different facets, sensations and worlds lie within each person. Ellen has exhibited all over the world, including in Tokyo, Florence, London, Paris and New York.

The artist’s work has resulted in her main Instagram page with more than 4.3 million followers, as well as a page dedicated to Ellen’s paintings with more than 200,000 followers. Ellen also works extensively with brands, creating pieces for brands such as Nike, Esteé Lauder, Moncler, Bacardi, BMW, Instagram, Swatch, Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Pepsico and more.

“According to my personal feelings, this race and universal love for social networks will pass. Everyone will return to reality”

Ellen Sheidlin

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After showcasing and celebrating the best artists in the world with The NFT MagazineCrypto Art Begins and Monographs, the time has come to support the new and talented Crypto Artists.

The Readers Gallery was born to promote new visionary artists
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Every month we select 3 Crypto Artists through a public Call, who, with their unpublished NFTs, will be featured on Nifty Gateway with the exclusive Monthly Readers Drop reserved for the Readers Club Members (The NFT Magazine holders)at a symbolic price starting from $1 up to $50.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the drop related to the NFT of The NFT Magazine that will entitle the collector to read the magazine in the Readers Club Reserved Area
Is the drop related to the UNPUBLISHED NFT created by the Cover Artist, which entitles the collectors to read and redeem the physical book “CRYPTOART MONOGRAPH”
On the first Monday of the month, the COVER DROP for ONE WEEK, while the BOOKDROP for 24 hours, both on Nifty Gateway

The edition will be directly determined by how many NFTs are sold during the sale period

Yes, in the Readers Club, after the closing of the sales

Collectors of the BookDrop NFT will have one year to perform the redeem
You will need to access the Readers Club, follow the instructions and insert your shipping details

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