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Interview with Marjan Moghaddam

She is one of the great pioneers of digital art since the 1980s: her name is Marjan Moghaddam.

There are no boundaries for her art that ranges between metaverse and virtual reality, starting from the redefinition of the form and arriving at unique compositions of their kind that can also be activated in the space that surrounds us.

Using cinematic-quality 3dCG technique with improvised performance motion capture, since 2008 she has been creating virtual worlds of cinematic and fantastical settings populated by her unmistakable #digitalbodies.

In this interview Marjan Moghaddam talks about the beginnings of her career and her path in digital art, the projects and the desire to open the world of crypto and NFT to more and more crypto female artists.

When and why did you enter the NFT world?

I already had a well-established and renowned digital art practice with 3dCG on the Internet, and also at galleries, museums and festivals and this was the native form for what I did.

So much of the work that I had to do before sales was to materialize the digital as print, sculpture or Video Art objects, whereas many people would always inquire about owning the “digital”.

I had investigated encrypted USBs etc. but ultimately there really was no sound solution, technologically, with longevity and archivability for art collections with that route.

When I saw other artists selling on the Blockchain I realized this was the only solution, through decentralized recording of the provenance with archivability. And in 2020 several collectors DMed me on twitter and asked if I would tokenize my art so they could collect it, and so I started that process and joined Superrare on September 1st 2020 where I have sold into some of the biggest collections since.

And I recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary on Superrare with this special NFT Animation, Quarantine Cycles Triptych, as a way of exploring everything that had changed last year from the pandemic, to the rise of Virtuality and Crypto currencies, as a way of capturing this watershed moment. You can Read more about it in the SuperRare Editorial.

What do you think about the fact that there are few women in the industry?

There are many women in the space, but unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of visibility. Most of the top selling NFT artists are male, and so naturally they get all the attention.

When we look at art sales in the legacy world, it’s the same, there are very few women in the top 10, and that carries over to NFTs.

I think many of us had hoped that NFTs could make a difference, and maybe they still can, but for now the imbalances carry over from fiat to NFTs.

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