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Top 10 Bluechip Artists and their NFT projects

The NFT phenomenon is revolutionizing the world of traditional art, attracting the attention of the most curious collectors, galleries, and the many artists already “established” on the market, and the so-called “blue chip”.

The term “established” identifies all those artists represented by the most important galleries of the sector, the so-called Megas, and considered by collectors as the safest and most reliable investments in the art market because they have a position consolidated by large sales volumes in auctions and important validations; the “blue-chip” artists are those whose sales have largely exceeded one million dollars.

It is precisely some of the great “established” and “blue-chip” artists who have chosen to enter the world of crypto art and NFT, seen as an unprecedented artistic medium, developing projects that have involved traditional collectors and attracted the attention of crypto ones.

Here some of the Bluechip Artists who have made NFT projects: 

  • Damien Hirst with “The Currency”
  • JR with “Greetings from Giza”
  • Urs Fischer with “Chaos”
  • Tom Sachs with “The Rocket Factory”
  • Daniel Arsham
  • Jeremy Deller with “The Last Day”
  • Justin Aversano with “Twin Flames”
  • Takashi Murakami with “Murakami.Flowers”
  • César Piette with “Nude, Bird, Landscape and Vanitas”
  • Brian Calvin with “Despina” and “Spin Pearl” screen test


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