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The third issue of CryptoArt Monograph is revealing a new protagonist of the Digital Art scene in Web3. We have once again pushed the limits of Web3 Publishing, creating for the first time ever the first artist flipbook in NFT.

An artist’s book is a real work of art, conceived  by its creator in the form of a book but with all the characteristics of a work of art: original, unique and representative of artistic research.

In this sense, Andrea Crespi, the protagonist of the third CryptoArt Monograph, interpreted the concept of an artist’s book by intervening with one of his unpublished works not only on the cover of the monograph but on all its pages.

Through a grid of lines – a primordial gesture of artistic creation – he traces the path to discover his art in the world of NFTs until he reveals the one who is hidden beneath those living lines: Mona Lisa, a timeless icon.

But this new edition of CryptoArt Monograph, carefully curated by Sandie Zanini, takes on a new value: for the first time it becomes a phygital artist’s book, by its nature born as an NFT, it also finds space in reality with the publication of the book.


Graduated in industrial product design at the European Institute of Design in Milan (IED), he focused his career on communication and visual arts.

Andrea Crespi is a visual artist whose work develops in the continuous investigation of different media and themes including optical illusion, social transformation, the digital revolution, materializing in the interpretation of contemporary cultural changes that often see him involved in various charity and solidarity initiatives.

Crespi’s research identifies art as an instrument of perception and analysis of truth through a search for beauty, sometimes manifesting itself in an intimate, personal and erotic portrait of it.

The proposed subjects often rethink cultural icons in the function of multiple narrations of the reality that surrounds us. By harnessing the fluidity of memory, each work redefines itself through the filter of contemporaneity, thus becoming a witness to our time.

The guest curator: Sandie Zanini

Art Consultant and Curator • Crypto Artists Manager

Manager and spokesperson for the OG crypto artist duo Hackatao, pioneers in the web3 space.

Owner of Zanini Arte gallery, one of the most ancient art galleries in Italy but among the firsts to introduce NFTs in the art market, before the big boom of 2020. She has been focusing on new technologies and digital tools, pushing boundaries on the role of galleries in this new era.

Involved in several university classes and international panels to bring acknowledgement in the educational system on blockchain and its application to crypto art.

More than 10 years in the communication system, 7 of them Paris-based, as Head of Communication and Image for an international company building the bridge between art, fashion and press.

Combining art passion and curiosity for innovation with communication and management skills she is working as a consultant and curator for crypto artists and art collectors. Graduated in communication and management for the art market in Milan.


Inside this incredible book, you’re going to find:

  • Editorial by Andrea Concas – Publisher of The NFT Magazine
  • Full Biography on the cover artist ANDREA CRESPI
  • Interview with ANDREA CRESPI by Alessia Cuccu – Editor in Chief of The NFT Magazine
  • Curatorial Text on ANDREA CRESPI and his research by SANDIE ZANINi Guest Crypto Art Curator
  • Image catalog of the NFT ARTWORKS,  for the first time enclosed in a single collectible publication, with a qr code to view them right away from your smartPhone

A special BookDrop with an unpublished Cover

crypto art monograph nft features & benefit

Each artist featured in the Crypto Art Monograph creates a totally unpublished artwork, minted for the first time on Nifty Gateway, becoming part of his/her artistic production.

All Crypto Art Monograph covers are collectible and allow access to exclusive content
of The NFT Magazine and special benefits.

The holders of the Crypto Art Monograph NFT are entitled to redeem the physical book within one year.

  • Unpublished Artist NFT
  • Physical artist nft flipbook
  • 1 year to redeem the booK
  • access to the readers club, reserved area for the holders of the nft magazine
  • access to the readers gallery, to collect new and talented crypto artists
  • FIVE DAYS  drop
  • PRICE: 222$

CryptoART Monograph

The time has come to tell the great Crypto Artists, their history, their artistic research, their digital works of art, and the platforms and metaverses where they operate.

The CryptoArt Monograph series by The NFT Magazine was created in collaboration with the most important and visionary curators to narrate and “timestamp” the evolution of Crypto Art to the present day over time.

What is an artist monograph

An artist monograph is a collector’s book focused on a single artist, which allows, through content, insights, and all the artworks pictures, to get to know everything about the artist and his/her research

Why Crypto Art Monograph was born

After the great international success of the book “CRYPTO ART BEGINS” born on an idea and project by The NFT Magazine, published by Rizzoli, we have decided to continue the work of research and curatorship on the world of Crypto Art, yet to be discovered.

Thanks to “Crypto Art Monograph” we reveal every month the great protagonists of the digital art scene in the WEB3.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the drop related to the NFT of The NFT Magazine that will entitle the collector to read the magazine in the Readers Club Reserved Area
Is the drop related to the UNPUBLISHED NFT created by the Cover Artist, which entitles the collectors to read and redeem the physical book “CRYPTOART MONOGRAPH”
On the first Monday of the month, the COVER DROP for ONE WEEK, while the BOOKDROP for 24 hours, both on Nifty Gateway

The edition will be directly determined by how many NFTs are sold during the sale period

Collectors of the BookDrop NFT will have one year to perform the redeem
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We package and ship your order as soon as possible. We start working on your order immediately, so we might be unable to make any changes to an order after it has been placed. Orders are subject to verification and approval before shipping and may take several days to process.

Yes, depending on the area where you live, 10$ for Italy, 20$ for Europe, 40$ for Extra EU plus eventual custom costs
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