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Interview with Paola Pinna

Paola Pinna is one of the most iconic female NFT artists.

Her works have been supported by several international crypto art collectors and also by media when, for example, her artworks have been featured on world-famous magazine Vogue.

During her career, she’s also worked with Warner Music UK, SOFA Universe, Mutantboard Agency and Helsinki Fashion Week.

Her NFT art is pretty figurative, in 3D, with a good dose of Internet and gaming culture influences.

In her approach to art, we can see her searching for innovation, aesthetic freshness, and deeper emotions; also it is impossible not to notice her will to explore female empowerment and spirituality.

As she explained, most of her works “comes from her own experience of being a woman in these times of constant technological evolution”.

When and why did you enter the NFT world?

I’ve been in the NFT world since early 2021, but I sold my first piece in spring to collector Tokenangels.

It was a lucky start, as in addition to buying one of my pieces, he gave me some advice that was very helpful in approaching the blockchain.

Before that time, it was still unclear for me how the cryptocurrency world worked, I had many jobs, but I didn’t know how to move, which pieces to mine and what to select. The ‘boom’ had just started, and I could see friends and colleagues starting to sell a lot.

Obviously, I immediately recognized the immense value of this system, since until recently, it was unthinkable to sell one’s art with such ease.

So I entered this world because it was an opportunity to monetize doing what I love, but mostly because something never seen before was being created, a sort of collective awakening; what I found fantastic is that everyone was excited and started experimenting and creating non-stop, making the NFT community grow disproportionately, and I think it still is.

What have been the highlights of your career in the industry?

Considering that I have only been in the industry for a very short time, I think I had several ‘highlights,’ starting with my first sale when I became part of one of the most significant NFT collections, Tokenangels.

Shortly after, there was the participation in CambixSuperRare, and another event organized by Andrea Concas x ArtRights to raise funds for Sardinia.

Finally, the participation in Dreamverse Metapurse, to be held in New York in November, for which I thank very much Mattia Cuttini, co-curator of the event, for involving me.

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