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We are proud to present the #06ISSUE of The NFT Magazine
with the amazing international artist CRYPTODUUUDES

This will be an exceptional Issue, where we will dig deeper into our new READERS GALLERY, with an exclusive interview with CRYPTODUUUDES, the protagonist of the first drop with the “The Cave” Series.

Besides that, in the Digital Magazine you will find the analysis of the Future Drops and the best ones from the last month, the Crypto and NFT market report, and the more interesting breaking news like the Ordinals NFTs, the mysterious collection of NFT Nakamigos and much more.

Read the interviews with the artists that were selected in the MAY 2K23 READERS GALLERY DROP, Alexandru Chitu and Lassinger.


Trading report april 2023 CryptoCurrencies & NFTS

The first quarter of 2023 is coming to an end, so how has it been so far for the NFT & Crypto Market? What awaits us in the next month? Read the Issue to know more!

metaforum milan
and nft rome

Discover 2 events/festivals all about NFT and Blockchain that are going to be held in Milan and Rome in the following months


Read the exclusive interviews with this amazing artists that is going to be involved in the our first Drop on SuperRare Space!

interview with worldian, alberto maria colombo and chemosynthetic

Discover the artists that were selected in the APR 2K23 READERS GALLERY DROP, thanks to our exclusive interviews.

Cryptoduuudes is a 3D artist who works on both digital artworks and collectibles.

In early 2021 the artist started the Crypto Duuudes NFTs collection, high quality digital artworks/collectibles described as a sort of portraits of a multicultural society.

Cryptoduuudes creates series of works with strong references to philosophy, art history and literature, as in the case of the collections “The Empirical World” and “The Multiple States of Human Nature.”

Despite remaining anonymous Cryptoduuudes is very active in the NFTs community, also collaborating on group projects such as for the Ilmeresh generative collections.

The 2k23 #06 Issue Drop on Nifty Gateway

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NFT Benefits

Join the exclusive "Readers Club"

By collecting the NFT COVERS, the holders are entitled to join the exclusive “Readers Club” reserved area, to read the Magazine, design and choose the content of the next Issues as well as more benefits.

Moreover, the Readers Club Members can support and collect new and talented Crypto Artists with the Readers Gallery.

After showcasing and celebrating the best artists in the world with The NFT MagazineCrypto Art Begins and Monographs, the time has come to support the new and talented Crypto Artists.

The Readers Gallery was born to promote new visionary artists
who believe in Crypto Art, Web3 and in a decentralized future.

Every month we select 3 Crypto Artists through a public Call, who, with their unpublished NFTs, will be featured on Nifty Gateway with the exclusive Monthly Readers Drop reserved for the Readers Club Members (The NFT Magazine holders)at a symbolic price starting from $1 up to $50.

The Readers Gallery on SuperRare Spaces

We are very happy to share with you a new important step of our journey in Web3!

In fact, thanks to your help and votes, we’ve been selected to participate in the SuperRare Space with The Readers Gallery, to bring new and talented Crypto Artists a work of very respectful curation and research aimed at collectors and Crypto Art Lovers.

The first protagonist is CryptoDuuudes, a well-known crypto artist who created 3 unique artworks only for our
READERS GALLERY, make your offer now on SuperRare!

Spaces are independent galleries on SuperRare that curate, promote, and sell artworks. Each Space is voted into the network by the community of $RARE holders, the SuperRare curation token. Applications with the most votes are launched in collaboration with SuperRare Labs

Once a Space is voted into SuperRare, they are granted the power to act as independent curators and commissioners. This means that they can onboard new artists that are not yet on SuperRare, promote sales, run auctions, and collect commissions – sort of like running a mini-SuperRare within SuperRare, with the same technology and collector base that we’ve been honing since 2018.

"The Cave" Series

“The Cave” is a series of 3 digital works inspired by Plato’s famous allegory of the cave. 

In his allegory, Plato imagines a cave in which a group of people cannot see real objects, only their shadows. The shadows are part of these people’s reality, but they do not portray a complete image of the real world.

A similar reflection on the relationship between reality and illusion can be applied also to the relationship between physical, virtual and digital worlds.

“The Cave” series proposes a meditation on this relationship and invites reflection on the concepts of perception and reality.