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We are proud to present the #02 Issue of The NFT Magazine
with the OG Generative Artists JOSHUA DAVIS!

News, market analysys, interviews and not only...

The #02 Issue of The NFT Magazine returns with a lot of remarkable content that is increasingly interesting and current.

This time the Magazine’s Editorial Team has found and analyzed news, projects, market data, all to bring a new issue full of information on the NFT world and its inevitable changes that run at the speed of the exchange of the value of BTC and ETH!

And don’t miss the exclusive interviews with Matteo Mauro, the selected artists of the first Readers Gallery Drop and not only…


Trading report JANUARY 2023 CryptoCurrencies & NFTS

Extensive overview on cryptocurrency trading and NFTs, with insight into market capitalizations, with signs that would seem to lead to an end to the bear market.

The new cryptocurrencies taxation rules

Are NFTs taxable?
Many countries are taking steps forward to better understand how to tax the creation, purchase, sale and possession of digital assets such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

new future nft projects

Discover what we’ve called “the spring of NFTs” at the very beginning of 2023: a trail that would seem to be positive for some of the next projects & drops.

the cryptozoo project
by logan paul

The famous Youtuber Logan Paul chose in 2021 to launch his NFT project called CryptoZoo: but after two years what happened to the project?
The answer in our news

is amazon entering
nft world?

We have put together all the rumors and news available to understand if the e-commerce giant is really ready to enter Web3 and if so, how.

Interview with
Matteo mauro

Sicilian artist and designer, Matteo Mauro uses various digital techniques of representation to which he has become passionate until technology has become his primary tool of artistic expression. 

interview with ada crow, altroved and cristiana vettor

Discover the artists who were selected in the first READERS GALLERY DROP, thanks to the our interviews to better understand their works, how and why they approached the NFT world.


It caused a sensation, the whole world talked about it, but what is really behind it? And how did the drop go? The answers in our analysis.

The scams involving magic eden and pokémon

2023 opened with two millionaire scams involving the Magic Eden NFT platform and the case of Pokemon branded NFTs which – spoiler – had nothing to do with the cards of the most collected creatures in the world.

The time has come to tell the great Crytpo Artists, their history, their artistic research, their digital works of art, the platforms and metaverses where they operate.

The CryptoArt Monograph series was created in collaboration with the most important and visionary curators to narrate and timestamp” the evolution of Crypto Art to the present day over time.

Every month we will tell and dedicate the cover of The NFT Magazine to one of the great Crypto Artists and Curators to create a series of 12 printed Crypto Art Monographs and NFTs to be read and collected.

Joshua Davis,  also known as Praystation, was born in San Diego in 1971. He is a New York-based artist, technologist, author and designer in algorithmic image making and animation since 1990, best known as the creator of praystation.com which he used to exhibit new design work and experiments using code, was one of the first to offer open source files for download.

For his project Praystation, Davis won the Prix Ars Electronica 2001 Golden Nica in the category “Net Vision/Net Excellence, the highest honor in international net art and design.

Joshua is also acclaimed for his role in designing the visualization of IBM’s Watson, the intelligent computer program capable of answering questions, for the quiz show Jeopardy.

He is renowned for pioneering an original method of computational, generative-art known as dynamic abstraction.

Joshua’s work has been exhibited at the Tate Modern (London), the Ars Electronica (Austria), the Design Museum (London), le Centre Pompidou (France), the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), PS.1 MoMA (New York), the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, the ICA London, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and more.

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