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#08 ISSUE 2k23 | LUKAJAN

We are proud to present the #08ISSUE of The NFT Magazine
with the cover designed by the amazing artist LUKAJAN


NFTS for accessibility

This #08 Issue of The NFT Magazine is dedicated to a project empowering the visually impaired community, leaving a lasting impact on both the art world and people’s lives.

The visionary artist Lukajan created “Braille”, an unpublished NFT artwork that exemplifies the power of inclusivity and compassion, focusing on the need for accessibility for blind people.

That’s why decided to have a double drop this month:
-ONE with the NFT cover of the #08 ISSUE
-ONE with the “BRAILLE” NFT where the proceeds will be donated by the artist to charities supporting and uplifting blind individuals.

“Braille” will also soon be displayed in New York, Times Square, and Madrid.

Immerse yourself in an exclusive interview with Lukajan, discover the history of NFT & Charities, the analysis of the Future Drops and the best ones from the last month, the Crypto and NFT market report, and the more interesting breaking news.

Read the interviews with the artists that were selected in the JULY 2K23 READERS GALLERY DROP.

Let’s come together to drive change and foster a more inclusive society with The NFT Magazine!


Trading report JUNE 2023 CryptoCurrencies & NFTS

In the June 2023 trading report, CryptoCurrencies & NFTs surged to new heights, with record-breaking transactions and increased mainstream adoption, reshaping the future of digital assets

nft & charities:
an empowering history

A groundbreaking synergy that empowers communities. Witness the empowering history of art and blockchain uniting to create positive change


Read the exclusive interviews with Lukajan and let’s dig more in his projects to support the visually impaired community

Born in Sicily in Acireale in 1982, he studied at the Art School and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania.

In 2020 he minted his first NFT “Sardinian Soul”, inspired by a fire that devastated over 20,000 hectares of land, burning woods, animals, houses and local activities.

He works with various techniques including painting, collage, applique; recycling waste material with which he create sculptures and installations.

Since 2020 he has been also experimenting in the world of Digital Art, minting several NFTs thanks to many collaborations: The NFT Mag – Cadaf.

He likes to associate physical and material art with music, entering a dimension of fusion of thoughts thanks to rhythmic-psychological motifs. For him, the main goal has always been to share my passion with others, aiming to convey messages of inclusion and love.

The artwork is specifically designed to exemplify the relationship between visually impaired people and the surrounding reality: in the foreground, the silhouette of a golden retriever stands out against a background that portrays the “absent signal” lines typical of CRT televisions.

These same lines symbolize the discomfort of the blind, while at the bottom, the writing “No Signal” and the phrase in Braille, which means “Happiness is not in having, but in being”.

The work was first conceived as an NFT, then made in its physical version on a 100x70cm canvas, which was donated to the “Institute for the blind” in Cagliari, Italy.

Now the NFT Artwork will be displayed in New York, specifically in Times Square, and Madrid, during an NFT exhitbition.

The 2k23 #08 Issue Drop on Nifty Gateway

will be available from the 7th of august at 2pm et




  • Read the Digital Magazine
  • five days DROP
  • PRICE: 99 $


  • Unpublished Artist NFT
  • read the digital magazine
  • 80% of the proceed will be donated by the artist to charities supporting blind people
  • price: 155 $

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