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The NFT Magazine has proudly come to its #05 Issue, featuring the famous international artist ANTONI TUDISCO!

This #05 Issue will be about a very hot topic chosen by our Readers Club Community: TOKENS & CRYPTOCURRENCIES!

Discover the top 10 Tokens related to NFT Projects, Artists and those linked to the major platforms.

Get to know everything about the cryptocurrencies market, their history, the exchange and wallet platforms, and read the exclusive interviews.

Collect the NFT Cover

"ETHEE V2" - Cover

This artwork was part of the “ETHEE V2” drop of Antoni Tudisco on Nifty Gateway, reserved for the collectors who owns at least one NFT by Tudisco.

ETHEE V2 by Antoni Tudisco, 2021 – Minted on Nifty Gateway

Sneak Peaks of the #05 Issue

Interview with Athena Yu

Interview with Athena Yu

Last year Binance decided to open its NFT platform in June, starting with 100 artists.   Now, thanks to the…
How to earn with NFTs

How to earn with NFTs

Searching, Knowing, Buying, Making Profit: these seem to be the “rules” or passwords to make money with NFTs. But between…
Interview with MifuTo

Interview with MifuTo

The NFT Magazine has organized an interview with the manager of non fungible token project called MiFuTo, or Middle Fucking…
When Cryptocurrencies become Art

When Cryptocurrencies become Art

According to Statista, as from 2013 to February 2022 there are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies in the world, but not…
The history of Cryptocurrencies

The history of Cryptocurrencies

The history of cryptocurrencies has a precise starting date: October 31, 2008. In fact, that was the now legendary day…
Discovering Antoni Tudisco

Discovering Antoni Tudisco

Creative director & 3D visual artist, Antoni Tudisco was born & raised in Hamburg, Germany where he grew up studying…
The trends of the major cryptocurrencies

The trends of the major cryptocurrencies

External factors such as the pandemic, sanctions and wars are affecting the cryptocurrency market, which however, in a continuous rise…
Top 9 Platform Tokens

Top 9 Platform Tokens

Do you know all the major platforms in the blockchain and in the NFT world? You’ve probably heard of Uniswap,…
The importance of wallets and exchange platforms

The importance of wallets and exchange platforms

If you dig into the world of NFTs it is imperative to dwell on an important topic: crypto wallets. A…
Top NFT Tokens

Top NFT Tokens

The world of NFTs is a very diverse world, there are collections, works of art, avatars, entrance fees, coupons and…


Creative director & 3D visual artist, Antoni Tudisco was born & raised in Hamburg, Germany where he grew up studying media management and web design & development programming.

He worked with top-tier brands Nike, Adidas, Versace, Google, Mercedes Benz, D&G etc. and he has gone on to launch his own brand TUDISCO STUDIO as well. 

Having been featured in Vogue, Highsnobiety & Hypebeast and winning several notable design awards, Tudisco launched an NFT Collection in collaboration with the famous deejay and producer Steve Aoki.

He is currently working on the design of the Plein Plaza, the new Decentraland headquarter of the fashion stylist Philip Plein, build with a budget of over 1.4 mln dollars.

Total Artwork Value:
$5,143,033.40 (1,660.752 ETH)
Highest Sale:
$888,888.88 (287.034 ETH)
Average Sale:

Exclusive Interviews & Tips

Read the exclusive interviews with the NFT Cover artist ANTONI TUDISCO and with Key Players of the Cryptocurrencies sector

Top 6 TOKENS based on NFTs

Discover the Top 6 Tokens based on NFTs and Artists, how they work and what are their benefits

Cryptocurrencies Market

Get a deep insight on the actual trends of the Cryptocurrencies and their history.

Exchange & Wallet Platforms

Not only Metamask and Wallect Connect…. discover the best exchange & wallet platforms

And more...

How to earn with NFTs, the cryptocurrency lexicon and much more, only on The NFT Magazine

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