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How to earn with NFTs

Searching, Knowing, Buying, Making Profit: these seem to be the “rules” or passwords to make money with NFTs.

But between investing in the right project and waiting for the right time to make the gain there might be some variables and relevant actions to take depending on the NFT project you have chosen to buy. There are many ways to start earning with Non-Fungible Tokens. It is essential to find the right project as well as the “time” variable that can not be ignored.

Here are the four ways to start earning with NFTs:


In crypto slang the term “hold” means acquiring an NFT of a project with the idea of maintaining possession so as to demonstrate support to the developers and team, trust in the project roadmap and wait for the right moment to make a profit, which clearly, should always be well above the acquisition price of the NFT.

NFT hold isn’t easy: often external dynamics take over, such as the need for immediate money even at the expense of the investment or the fear of losing everything when the project floor suddenly collapses.

In these cases it is important to keep calm: the NFT market is not for the faint of heart and you have to know the dynamics, the variables, the risks and the opportunities.

A determining factor in this sense is the support of the project community that you choose to hold as well as the constant activity and communication of the project team: the more there are exchanges, in terms of dialogue and market, the greater the chances that holding your NFT will be the right choice in the long run.