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When Cryptocurrencies become Art

According to Statista, as from 2013 to February 2022 there are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies in the world, but not all of them signify a value with an important economic impact: In fact, the top 20 cryptocurrencies characterize about 90% of the market and at the top of the list of the most important cryptocurrencies there are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Blockchain offers the opportunity to anyone to mint their own cryptocurrency, and among those who have done so already, there are the Artists who have created real works of art by coining their own cryptocurrencies. The latter for the art world have represented a new field of experimentation based on the concept of the value and on the dynamics that determine their creation.

From the very beginning of the use of blockchain in the artistic field, the Irish artist Kevin Abosch, distinguishes himself. Since 2013 he has been using his works to investigate the concept of value applied to information, as well as to works of art and their author, the artist.

It is in 2018 that Abosch generates the project “I AM A COIN”, recording himself on the blockchain in the form of 10,000 cryptographic tokens and printing the address of the smart contract on 100 sheets of paper, where his own blood was the ink of the stamp.

Since that moment, many artists have chosen to experiment with Blockchain technology, creating artistic projects that involved the creation of real art cryptocurrencies.

Here are the cryptocurrencies created by the artists…