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Top NFT Tokens

The world of NFTs is a very diverse world, there are collections, works of art, avatars, entrance fees, coupons and some NFTs also have complex roadmaps with tokens.

Although the latter are just a small part of the market capitalization of the entire non fungible token sector, which swings around the 2 billion dollars reached in 2021/22, different projects that initially envisaged the only NFT are slowly creating real economies around their companies or brands.

The gaming world has lent itself well to the use of the ERC-20 and ERC-1155 standard tokens for the exchange of value, of which the most emblematic demonstration was the popularity of Splinterslands, Aavegothi and Axie Infinity.




Binamon and Polymon are both play-to-earn games based on the well-known Pokémon title from which they take inspiration for the realization of their collections.

Polymon is a project where you can buy, using a special token $PMON (ERC-20 ), a unique, inimitable and rare NFT of the collection, that acts as both an art piece and a character for the Polychain Monsters Universe with a chance of finding a rare piece ranging from 0.05% for a Black color to a 34.95% of a more common Green Tier.

The development team consists of a series of figures with experiences in the traditional tech world involving Developers and Full Stack Engineers and well-known faces of marketing with interests in the DeFi.

All theses are actors who are contributing to the development of the DAO with deflationary policy of the token that includes, regarding the tokenomics, a modus operandi based on the burn of the $PMON token.

By unpacking a pack that costs $1 PMON you will receive 3 Polychain Monsnters , 40% of the transaction is burned, 25% is transferred to the Collector Staking Pool and the remaining 35% is divided between Farming, Staking Pool and proceeds for development.

An interesting aspect is given by the Governance that is calculated according to the parameters of the NFT which has an impact on the traits of Rarity, Collector Score, Number of Polymon in the wallet and PMON in Farming that currently guarantees a 10,38% of APR boasting about $3 million in Total Value Locked.

NFTs are present on the Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Binance NFT and Meta Back-Pack (BSC) chains while the token $PMON responds to contracts placed on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain through those that are the most popular portals : PancakeSwap QuckSwap kucoin and Uniswap whose total Volume is 5,59 million dollars.

Now the road map is in the launch phase of the lands for the Polychain Islands. Here players will be able to create their own home , their own economy and interact with each other in the metaverse built for the Polymon.