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Interview with MifuTo

The NFT Magazine has organized an interview with the manager of non fungible token project called MiFuTo, or Middle Fucking Token. We choose this project in particular as an example of NFTs based not on Ethereum but on the blockchain of Avalanche, one of the most-known alternatives of Vitalik Buterin’s creation.

Avalanche is in fact, a decentralized and open source blockchain born in 2020 with its cryptocurrency called AVAX.

The basic rule of this blockchain is to achieve consensus through quorums, thus requiring voting. Unlike other quorum-based protocols, Avalanche enables arbitrarily parameterizable failure probability at the quorum intersection level. Standard quorum-based protocols define this failure probability to be precisely zero, but by introducing errors in the quorum intersection, a larger set of consensus protocol design is available.

Avalanche is however, one of the alternative blockchain where it is possible to create NFTs too.

Hi, can you tell us about your project MiFuTo ?

The MiFuTo project, acronym of Middle Fucking Token, best describes our visual project related to the Middle Finger! as it plays around the concept of NFT (Not Fungible Token), but using the M instead of the N.

We want to evoke the word middle as in middle Finger in this case. The middle finger stands for our fuck off, but not a free one, a protest one through a strong gesture of protest, which finds its artistic outlet in the illustrations.

The Artistic protest through the middle finger goes well with everything that today is part of the concept of denial of freedom, discrimination, everything that creates differences, that raises barriers, everything that makes no sense.


The mint was launched recently but we have immediately put in place a roadmap and important developments to give value to the ecosystem and to ensure opportunities for holders of MiFuTo. More info is available on mifuto.com.

Why did you decide to use Avalanche? What benefits does this blockchain offer?

We have been supporters of the Avalanche network since its testnet as validators. We chose Avalanche for its main features:

  • Speed (tx per block)
  • Cost-effectiveness (excellent management of gas fees on the c-chain network and very low transactions costs)
  • Eco friendly since we are talking about a particularly optimized POS consent system. Avalanche’s network consumes 35,000 times less than ETH and 200,000 times less than Bitcoin.

Source: https://medium.com/avalanche-it/ccri-trova-che-avalanche-consuma-35-000-afbe072 c90c1