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The trends of the major cryptocurrencies

External factors such as the pandemic, sanctions and wars are affecting the cryptocurrency market, which however, in a continuous rise and fall, is slowly approaching the first investments of many.

In order to better understand and familiarize, here is the market analysis of the top 10 cryptocurrencies:


The first of the cryptocurrencies closed 2021 with a profit of 60%. Despite not being an exhilarating year in terms of performance – 2020 ended with a rise of 301% – it was a record year setting new historical highs in the first days of November touching 69k USD.

With a loss of 9% it is the worst beginning of the year since 2019.

Current price: 43,396 USD

Ethereum (ETH)

With a rise of 400% per year for the queen of altcoin marks the third best performance since 2017 and the best ever in value with a gain of 2,942 USD. With 4 consecutive quarters positive, the trend already recorded in 2020 is replicated, marking 8 consecutive quarters in green. The longest series of consecutive quarterly earnings among major cryptocurrencies.

Current price: 2,921 USD

Tether (ESDT)

With a capitalization of $79 billion, USDT is the first stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US dollar. Despite the competitors that in the last year has halved dominance from 90% to 43%, it continues to be the most used stablecoin with over 83% of total trade.