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cover by SKYGOLPE

The NFT Magazine has come to its #08 Issue, featuring the amazing artist SKYGOLPE.

This #08 Issue is al about NFT ARCHEOLOGY, so we’re going to take a deep dive into the origins of this incredible phenomenon.

From Rare Pepes to CryptoKitties, we will discover everything about the first early-birds projects that have bravely used NFTs.

As well as interviews, market and collector insights, and much more!

The #08 ISSUE is sold out

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    "Solar Cage" - Cover

    “The power is in between, but the center should be avoided.”
    “Solar Cage” by Skygolpe, 2021 – Minted on SuperRare

    Sneak Peeks of the #08 Issue



    NFT ART DAY ZRH announces the programme of its inaugural conference that will take place on Sunday, 12 June 2022…
    From a conversation with Skygolpe

    From a conversation with Skygolpe

    Digital Art. What does it even mean? We could debate this forever, and still, we wouldn’t find an unanimous definition.…
    The story of the first metaverses

    The story of the first metaverses

    In the fourth issue of The NFT Magazine that was dedicated to metaverses, we took up Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow…
    When NFTs were  on Bitcoin (and Namecoin)

    When NFTs were on Bitcoin (and Namecoin)

    Not everyone knows this, but the story of the NFTs does not begin on Ethereum but on Bitcoin. At that time…
    The history of CryptoPunks

    The history of CryptoPunks

    CryptoPunks are one of the most famous NFT collections, so let’s be clear about what really was the key to…
    Top 8  NFT Archeology Projects

    Top 8 NFT Archeology Projects

    NFT archaeology deals with all those projects that have existed well before 2021 wich is the year of the explosion…
    Monegraph and  the first experiments on Bitcoin

    Monegraph and the first experiments on Bitcoin

    Everyone knows that NFTs are released mostly on Ethereum, especially in the ERC-721 format, but perhaps not everyone knows that…
    Archaeology and CryptoKitties

    Archaeology and CryptoKitties

    Were NFTs born in 2021? No, this is wrong. The first experiments began well before that year, however the very…

    Skygolpe (1986) is an Italian artist who lives and works in Genoa (Italy). He describes himself as an uneducated artist as he doesn’t have an academic training which instead took place on the streets of the Brick Lane district in London, the city where he moved as soon as he became an adult and where his creativity exploded through Street Art.

    Once back in Italy, he concentrated on the development of research through installations, painting, photography, visual and digital art. Meanwhile, he discovers the decentralized social media platform Cent, where the word “crypto art” emerges more and more often, stimulating his curiosity to the point that he begins to study and experiment.

    His works – portraits without a face but characterized by expressive colors and patterns – are described by a unique style and research that starts from existentialist philosophy to contrast the fragility and heroism of the human being.

    Total Artwork Value:
    2,816.570 ETH
    Highest Sale:
    37 ETH

    Exclusive Interviews & Tips

    Read the exclusive interviews with the NFT Cover artist Skygolpe, Top Creators & Market Players

    Top NFT Archeology Projects

    Discover everything about the projects that made the initial history of NFT

    The History of CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks and Rare Pepes

    Discover all the story and the creators behind those that are considered the true pioneers of the NFT Movement


    Deepening on the story of OpenSea and its volumes, Monograph and the first experiments on bitcoin and much more…

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