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The story of the first metaverses

In the fourth issue of The NFT Magazine that was dedicated to metaverses, we took up Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash (1992), to better understand the definition of metaverse that is a “three-dimensional space within which natural people can move, share and interact through personalized avatars”.

For this reason, the origins of metaverses must be sought many years ago and have existed since the 2000s with platforms such as Second Life or Habbo that users could access by creating their own virtual character, the avatar, to chat with each other, play and build a house, a store, and so on.

Obviously in the early 2000s there were no NFTs, or cryptocurrencies applied to metaverses, however this makes us understand that we are talking about a technology rather used for some time and of which we can rediscover the archaeology, that is all those projects ante litteram that have made the history of the sector. One of the first metaverses that incorporated blockchain and cryptocurrencies was probably Decentraland, while Sandbox was founded earlier.

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