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Top 8 NFT Archeology Projects

NFT archaeology deals with all those projects that have existed well before 2021 wich is the year of the explosion of the Non-Fungible Token market with crazy sales figures. These are, in fact, historical projects that have paved the way for modern NFTs and that have a value based on this characteristic.

A bit like the NFT Quantum, the first NFT in history, created by Kevin McCoy and Anil Dash in May 2014, even before the birth of Ethereum’s Blockchain. Quantum NFT consists of a video clip made by McCoy’s wife, Jennifer, recorded on Blockchain Namecoin and purchased by Dash for $4 during a live presentation for the Seven on Seven conference at the New Museum in New York.

We are talking about well over 7 years of history of Non-Fungible Tokens. In general, NFT archaeology is the study of the origins of the current phenomenon, a native curiosity to understand where all this comes from.

The collective goal of NFT archaeology is to bring to light and to qualify all those projects that should be part of the official historical narration of Non-Fungible Tokens.

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