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From a conversation with Skygolpe

Digital Art. What does it even mean? We could debate this forever, and still, we wouldn’t find an unanimous definition.

Is it art created with digital tools? Is the final product a digital file? Is it embedded in technology? Does it have a specific aesthetic appearance?

Too many questions with no satisfying answers.

And when the debate becomes complicated, the mainstream response is usually very simplified with standardized solutions: it needs to be flashy, shiny, moving, animated, and augmented, in this bright color palette.

But truly, what does it mean to be digital today?
Where is the real crossroad between art and technology?

Hopefully, for every mainstream, there is an unconventional, a subculture. And then, there is Skygolpe.

Skygolpe’s creative process has been evolving over time. He is a street artist, he is a painter, he is a digital artist, and he uses photography in his practice. Therefore, how do you put all these labels in one single box? So now you know: tags don’t work with Skygolpe’s art.

Eleonora Brizi

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