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Welcome to our flight to the Metaverse

You are about to live a unique experience onboard La Compagnie between Milan, the Metaverse and New York, for the launch of the book "Crypto Art Begins" published by Rizzoli New York, in collaboration with The NFT Magazine.

During this flight, you will discover the world of Digital Art narrated in the book from the origins of the
movement to its near-constant evolution thanks to the stories and works of 50 of the world’s best cryptoartists.



10 NOVEMBER 2023


Page through the book

“CRYPTO ART – Begins” is the first Phygital Book by The NFT Magazine published by Rizzoli New York about the beginning and evolution of Crypto Art.

A groundbreaking book that finds its way onto the shelves of top bookstores and museums around the world, as well as into the Metaverse and NFTs.

Enter to the Metaverse

Thanks to La Compagnie’s fast and unlimited wifi connection onboard,” during this extraordinary journey from Milan to New York, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the Metaverse of The Nemesis and discover the revolutionary world of Crypto and Digital Art and its protagonists.

Redeem your NFT

To commemorate this event you can redeem a celebratory NFT for free to add to your collection and gain access to The NFT Magazine’s Readers Club.

We look forward to seeing you in NY
Saturday, November 11, 2023

The experiences continue in New York with the book presentation on Saturday, November 11, 2023 at 7 p.m. at SALOTTO, Brooklyn’s newest home of Italian excellence and innovation in the arts and design, with the authors and artists for an evening of ‘innovation and digital art.

84 Withers St FL1
Brooklyn 11211
New York

The NFT Magazine

The book “Crypto Art Begins”  and this flying experience, was born from the vision and experience of The NFT Magazine, the first monthly magazine to be read and collected on Ethereum.

The NFT Magazine is distributed as a limited edition exclusively in the form of NFT, where each issue has a collectible NFT cover in collaboration with top international crypto artists.


Enter to the Metaverso

Interact virtually with the leading artists featured in the publication, along with the book’s curator Eleonora Brizi, and the creators and founders of The NFT Magazine, Andrea Concas and Amelia Tomasicchio, who are here with you on this flight.

You can participate for FREE in 30-minute AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions where you can ask the artists and the book’s creators anything, with moderation by curator Eleonora Brizi in both Italian and English:

TIMETABLE ON NOVEMBER 10th during the flight from 3.00 pm (CET time):

TODAY’S PROGRAM FROM 3.00 pm (CET time):

  • 3.00pm Discover the world of digital art, Web3 and NFTs with the curator of the book and the creators and founders of The NFT Magazine (30′ Italian – 30′ English)
  • 5.00 pm Fabio Giampietro – artist – Italian
    5.30pm Angie Taylor – artist – English
  • 8.00 pm Lapin Mignon artist – English
    8.30pm HACKATAO artist – Italian

How to interact with artists, authors and curator

Once you are in, you can read the artists’ chat by clicking “ENTER.”

To interact with the artists and authors in the chat, it is necessary to register for free on The Nemesis. 

Follow the instructions by clicking on the “N” logo in the center of the page. 

After logging in, click again”ENTER” on your keyboard, and now you can type and ask your questions.


50 among the best Crypto Artists

“CRYPTO ART – Begins” tells of the exciting beginning and evolution of Crypto Art through the history and works of 50 among the best artists in the world, who through their NFTs have contributed to the birth and are still an active part of the present and future of this revolution, including HACKATAO, Refik Anadol, Kevin Abosch, Osinachi, Federico Clapis, Giant Swan, DADA.Art and more.


The Story and evolution of Crypto Art

To tell the story of Crypto Art for The NFT Magazine and interview the artists is art curator Eleonora Brizi, a pioneer of the movement who experienced the great evolution and rise of Crypto Art side by side with the creators, in unsuspected times, before the disruptive descent into the market.


Crypto Art among WEB3, Blockchain and NFT

Today the words NFT, WEB3, Metaverse, and Crypto Art are universally searched, understood, and used by an ever-growing number of people.

What happened is a radical and epochal change that has brought industry players operators – and others too – face to face with a new challenge, today known as the WEB3: for the first time, users can own, create, sell, and exchange goods such as works of art, in fully digital form, in NFT form.


The Crypto Art System

For the first time Andrea Concas theorizes and defines the “Crypto Art System” by which we go beyond technological solutions, identifying its protagonists, along with the dynamics behind this revolution between communities, digital platforms and artists.


History of Crypto Art

When does the history of Crypto Art begin?
Is it already possible to talk about the past of Crypto Art to understand what is happening today?

In this special contribution written by Martin L. Ostachowski, Artist and Historian of Crypto Art, we retrace the salient stages of an artistic movement still in the making


Digital and Crypto Art curation in Web3 and the Metaverse

What does it mean to curate digital and Crypto Art? What about doing it in virtual spaces? And in the Metaverse?
The viewer takes on a new role, more active and engaging, towards the work of art, while the artists redefine the rules of art thanks to their works

Over 50 Collectors inside the Book

Why Collect Crypto Art?
This question was asked to fifty passionate collectors who believe in the movement and support it, an active part of the great Crypto Art Community.
Among the pages of the book you will find the answers of those who collect from all over the world: here are 50 excellent reasons to start collecting Crypto Art!


Alternatively, you can ask the flight attendants to have a look at the physical book during the flight

The authors




Art Tech Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder Art Rights, Founder and Publisher of The NFT Magazine Andrea Concas è il fondatore e CEO della startup d'arte Art Backers, di Art Rights, piattaforma per la gestione e la certificazione delle opere d'arte.

Eleonora Brizi


Eleonora Brizi è una curatrice di arte digitale e Crypto prima con base a New York, Roma e Pechino, ora vive a tempo indeterminato nel Metaverso. Si è laureata e specializzata in arte contemporanea cinese e successivamente ha iniziato il suo nuovo percorso dedicato all'arte e alla tecnologia a New York, unendo la sua conoscenza del mondo dell'arte con l'esigenza – dell'arte stessa – di parlare la lingua del tempo, dove l'attuale il dialogo è digitale e tecnico.

con un contributo speciale diThe authors

Martin L. Ostachowski


Martin Lukas Ostachowski (1984) è un artista tedesco che vive e lavora a Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Si definisce un artista dei nuovi media e della crittografia.


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    NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that are secured and contained on the blockchain. The blockchain verifies ownership, provenance, and transaction history in relation to the NFT. You will receive a limited license to the generative artworks by buying the NFT subject to the Terms and Conditions, meaning that you don’t actually own the intellectual property rights.

    A crypto wallet is where you can view your cryptocurrency assets and transactions, all in one place. It’s also where you confirm any transactions in process.

    Different wallets have different features.
    For example, some allow you to view NFTs from a smartphone.
    Popular free wallets include Coinbase and Metamask.

    In order to receive your NFT we need the public address of your WALLET compatible with Ethereum


    MetaMask is among the most popular wallets for the purchase of NFT and Crypto Art, an Ethereum extension that can be installed for free on your Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave desktop browser or in beta version also for iOS and Android.

    MetaMask allows you to create a wallet for Ether and ERC20 tokens, and allows you to run Ethereum dApps (decentralized apps) directly in the browser without having to download and synchronize the complete Ethereum blockchain on your device / computer.

    MetaMask’s mission is to make the interface with the Ethereum blockchain simple.

    Finally to find your wallet address, click on the 3 dots on the right side of your account and click on “Copy address to clipboard”.

    Visit the official download page on Metamask.io Select your browser and you will be redirected to the Chrome web store or Firefox add-on site. Click on the button to add the extension to your browser.

    After reading and accepting the privacy policy, Metamask automatically creates a new Ethereum address and asks you for a password to protect your account. This password cannot be recovered in any way so keep it carefully.

    At this point you can choose whether to add an existing wallet or create a new wallet.

    If you need to import an existing wallet, just enter the CID, which is a sequence of 12 Seed Phrases, i.e. keywords to be noted when creating the wallet because they will be used to install it on another device.

    If you need to create a new wallet, you will need to click on “Create new wallet”, choose an access password and save the 12 recovery words.

    Finally to find your wallet address, click on the 3 dots on the right side of your account and click on “Copy address to clipboard”.

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