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    The first NFT Magazine to be read and collected on Ethereum!

    Collect the NFT Covers created by the major international Crypto Artists to read the NFT Magazine.

    Discover the biggest players in the Crypto world, market trends, rankings, and expert advice.

    Every month will be dedicated to Digital Art, Collectibles, Cryptocurrencies, Fintech, and Blockchain.

    Join the “Readers Club”, participate in the creation of the magazine itself and become a protagonist of the next issue.

    collect the nft cover

    Who is going to be
    the next NFT artist?

    We are  NFT collectors, and for this reason, we have decided to create a monthly Magazine that will be distributed in a limited edition exclusively in the form of NFT, released on OpenSea.

    Every issue of the NFT Magazine will have an NFT Cover featuring the greatest international Crypto Artists that will become a collectible itself.

    community benefits

    We support our
    collector readers

    • 30% of each issue will be reserved for the collectors’ community .
    • Liquidity Pool of 5% of sales will go to the community for common initiatives: events, print magazine editions, talks, conventions, parties, saving gas fees, and more…
    • You will be able to access the “Readers Club” and participate in exclusive online and in-person events such as talks, conferences, and webinars reserved for the community.
    • As a member of the “Readers Club,” the community decides the content of each issue, and you can participate in decisions on the topics to be covered, rankings, interviews, and more.
    • Special prize for those who collect all 12 issues!
    • Discounts with partners and special initiatives.
    • Reserved pre-sale and free mint for the next collectibles collection, “CRYPPO” the first Crypto hippopotamus.
    collect the nft magazine

    Any unsold copy will be burned to ensure rarity.

    • Each issue will increase by 200 copies per release, and you will be able to buy it for only 7 days until sold out.
    • Any remaining copy will be burned for the benefit of the community and rarity.
    • Each NFT Cover of the monthly magazine will be unique, with over 10 different traits to collect.
    • You will only be able to read The NFT Magazine if you have the NFT.
    readers club

    How to read
    The NFT Magazine

    • Click on Log in from the top bar menu or go the page https://www.thenftmag.io/member/
    • On this page click on “Log in With a Crypto Wallet” using the wallet where you hold the NFT
    • If you are using Metamask, click on “Sign”
    • Go to the Readers Club page
    • Click on Read Now. You will be able to read only the issues for which you have collected the NFT Cover
    • Enjoy the Reading!

    We are Crypto and Art lovers and  The Cryptonomist, Art Rights, Phygi.io, Poseidon Group, and others we have been working in the Fintech and Art-Tech sector since 2016.

    Today we have the biggest community in Italy and among the largest in Europe for CryptoArt, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain, with our magazines now exceeding 1.5 million page views per month.

    who believe in digital and want to enter the world of Crypto Art and NFTs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The NFT Magazine can be found exclusively on OpenSea.io and in the NEWSSTAND area here in the site.
    You can read it only by purchasing the magazine’s NFT cover, which will be a collectible NFT designed by famous international artists. Magazine issues are stored as ERC-1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS with OpenSea

    You will have exclusive access to the magazine only if you own the NFT cover related to that issue through a reserved area – The Readers Club – on the website connected to the wallet where the NFT is being held.

    The drop will be on the 2nd of each month, with pre-sales dedicated to the community that will have expressed interest through the form on the website or previously bought other copies of the magazine.

    12 NFT magazines will be released each year – one issue per month – with a collectible NFT cover. The first edition will be in only 500 copies.

    Then the number of copies will increase by 200 for each new edition.

    Deleted: The unsold copies will be burn for scarcity.


    5% for Staff, cover Artist and Partners

    30% for Community Holder member of Readers Club

    65% Public Sale on OpenSea

    The retail price at the drop will be 0.05 ETH per single copy of the magazine and its collectible NFT cover.

    The members of The Readers Club will be able to buy it in advance with reserved pre-sale.

    Absolutely, each cover is in NFT format and is unique, numbered, and limited edition. Each one is dedicated or made in collaboration with the best international artists.

    Yes, absolutely and freely on OpenSea, but you will lose community privileges and access to the associated issue of “The NFT Magazine.”

    The READERS CLUB is the house of our collector readers.

    It’s a private access area of this website only for NFT collectors that can login with Metamask. In this area you can read the NFT Magazine and participate to the community life.

    Collect the NFT cover, and you can enter in the exclusive “READERS CLUB” to participate and decide with us the next issues, activities, and have access to special benefits for collectors of “The NFT Magazine.

    First of all, you will get the issue in preview and pre-sale. You can be an active part of the editorial staff of “The NFT Magazine” by suggesting content, sometimes writing, being interviewed, and still having pre-sale of the following issues, exclusive meetings and events, and discounts with partners and other NFT projects in preview. The more issues you collect, the more benefits you’ll get!

    No, you cannot nominate yourself or propose sponsored projects; only the editorial staff and the community can do that.

    Every month you will find the exclusive interview of the artist on the cover, the prestigious rankings of the most interesting personalities, artists, projects, and professionals together with in-depth analysis and specials on Art-Tech, Fintech, Security, Defi, and the most exciting projects of the Cryptocurrency scene.

    To reward the community, from the third issue, we will open to some of you the possibility to buy in advance one or more editions of the magazine by subscription!

    We regret to infom you that at the present moment our products are not available in Switzerland. For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at info@thenftmag.io

    The NFT MAGAZINE Roadmap

    The NFT Magazine
    is a long-term project…

    DONE 100%
    Launch of the first issue and creation of the first NFT MAGAZINE in the world.
    DONE 100%
    When the first 2 issues are sold out, the "CRYPPO" collectibles line will be released.
    DONE 100%
    When the first three issues are sold out in 2022, private events reserved for the community will begin.
    DONE 100%
    When the first five issues are sold out, we will give you the opportunity to subscribe exclusively.
    DONE 100%
    When the first seven issues are sold out, we will create a community token $NFTM !
    DONE 100%
    When the first twelve issues are sold out, we will create the first phygital book on Crytpo Art!