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We’re proud to introduce the #09 Issue of The NFT Magazine, with the cover by the incredible Italian artist GIOVANNI MOTTA, who has created, only for us, an UNPUBLISHED BRAND NEW ARTWORK!

This will be a unique special edition, all about the NFT ANIME MANGA & COMICS, one of the most interesting phenomena in the NFT WORLD.

Discover the TOP NFT ANIME PROJECTS, insights on PUNK and DC COMICS, as well as interviews, analysis and much more.

The #09 ISSUE is sold out

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    "Metaborg" - Cover

    The cover is totally UNPUBLISHED, exclusively designed for the #09 Issue of The NFT MAGAZINE.

    By collecting this issue, you will get a pass to MINT one METABORG MANGA NFT on https://metaborg.io


     “Metaborg – Fight to survive” is an innovative NFT Manga created and designed by Giovanni Motta.

    It is a piece of art of 134 ArtPages created through the use of multiple artistic and digital techniques: drawing, painting, modeling and 3D animation.

    The story is set in a dystopian world where only boys and a single girl survive, whose name and whereabouts are unknown.

    Children to survive band together, elect an alpha leader, and their only mantra is: fight to survive. They then organize wrestling tournaments and compete to determine who is the strongest and bravest. Johnny Boy, protagonist of the comic book, will face various challenges to qualify for the Metaborg, a great tournament in which thirty-two warriors participate, inspired by real characters from the crypto world.

    The Genesis Drop will be on Nifty Gateway on 7th of July at 6.00 pm ET, midnight in Italy.


    “Metaborg” by Giovanni Motta, 2022 

    Sneak Peeks of the #09 Issue

    METABORG: Fight to Survive

    METABORG: Fight to Survive

    Crypto artist Giovanni Motta debuts on the NFT Comics scene with his first manga “Jonny Boy – Metaborg. Fight To…
    PUNKS Comic: the famous NFT digital comic book collection

    PUNKS Comic: the famous NFT digital comic book collection

    Launched in May 2021, Punks Comic has been a unique opportunity since its beginning as a one-of-a-kind NFT comic book,…
    DC Comics and its entry into the NFT world

    DC Comics and its entry into the NFT world

    DC Comics is one of the most important exponents of the comic book industry. During its existence it has printed…
    Top NFT Anime Manga Projects

    Top NFT Anime Manga Projects

    The blend between NFTs and Japanese Anime was predictable, so much so that many projects that use this new technology…
    Interview with Giovanni Motta

    Interview with Giovanni Motta

    Giovanni Motta (Verona, 1971). After his accounting studies he began in the world of communication as a creative and advertising…

    Giovanni Motta (1971) is a crypto art artist from Verona, Italy.

    He graduated in accounting and began working for the advertising sector. At 49, he rediscovers his love for art and his artistic career is born.

    He calls himself self-taught. His NFT works are the meeting of the past represented by his favorite subject – Jonny Boy, his inner child – and of the present that is embodied in the middle, the crypto art.

    He gets to know crypto art through his colleagues and friends Hackatao, among the first crypto-artists, who showed him the fundamentals of the philosophy of this universe and introduced him to the SuperRare crypto-gallery.

    Approaching such a technological medium was natural for him, for years he had gone from painting and drawing to working with 3D modeling and animation programs.

    His inspiration are the psychedelic graphics of the 80’s videogames and the artists of the Viennese secession. Influences that come together in an art that is visually very close to the aesthetics of japanese Anime that explores the perspective of a curious child who faces the world

    Total Artwork Value:
    166.010 ETH
    Highest Sale:
    24.1 ETH

    Exclusive Interviews & Tips

    Read the exclusive interviews with the NFT Cover artist Giovanni Motta and other Top Players.

    Top NFT Anime & Manga Comics

    Discover all the projects that merge together the Anime and Comic world with NFTs, in a very innovative way.

    The history of PUNK COMIC and DC COMICS

    Discover all the story and the creators behind those that are considered the top projects of NFT Comics.


    Exclusive deepenings, insights and much more…

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    The NFT Magazine

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    Each NFT Cover of the monthly magazine will be unique, with over 10 different traits to collect.

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