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Interview with Giovanni Motta

Giovanni Motta (Verona, 1971).

After his accounting studies he began in the world of communication as a creative and advertising artist collaborating, among others, with Emanuele Pirella in Milan.

At the same time he is interested in figurative and contemporary art with a particular interest in Japanese anime and manga, which will become essential for his research on the theme that will become the leitmotif of his work: the inner child.

This child is represented by a cartoon character design, Jonny Boy.

Jonny Boy appears in all of his work, in his paintings, sculptures and digital works. Jonny’s main feature is the expression that remains unchanged in every work, both digital and physical.

Hyper-realistic painter and technology lover, he uses 3D printing since 2010 for the creation of his sculptures and digital animation programs for the creation of 3D videos. He was a finalist of the Arte Laguna Prize in 2016, the Aletti Award in 2009 and the Cairo Art Award in 2004, 2007 and 2010. He collaborates with Bosa ceramiche, Italian excellence in the world of artistic ceramics.

In 2020 he approaches Crypto Arte, starts collaborating with one of the most important NFT galleries in the world, Superrare, publishing his first work, Forgetting.

In January 2021 he ranks first in the Superrare ranking.

He began exhibiting in 2000 with solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including recently: Thanks, Galleria Doppio V, Lugano, 2020; GAME OVER Play again ?, Gallery Func, Shanghai, 2020, The Anatomy of Human, Galleria Superrare, 2021.

How did your artistic research develop?

My research on the theme of the rediscovery of the inner child through the recovery of emotional memories began a long time ago and has expanded over time.

The human being becomes an adult and lives in a state of perpetual concern, tomorrow, yesterday, before, after, never now.

He can’t live the present, the moment that passes. The child is the only human being who practices the presence, the famous “here and now” which is the secret to get in touch with the most intimate part of oneself and feel its pulse.

I have come to believe with conviction that, if you can stay in the flow of the moment, you do not age, years pass, but enthusiasm and wonder for life grow and you learn to be surprised by the beauty that comes in multiple forms, even if sometimes life jokes with you and so you don’t need to take it too seriously.

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