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UPDATE: Queens+Kings by Hackatao

In the cryptoverse, a non-hierarchical community is in charge, traditional roles of the art world are subverted. Queens+Kings overthrow hierarchies in contemporary art and provide collectors with innovative, creative tools to express themselves freely and customize their avatars.

Queens+Kings is a unique artistic project, the first of its kind, exploring the world of PFP technology in a revolutionary manner. 6,900 Q+K genderless avatars are composed of single NFT traits that are interchangeable, randomly allocated and algorithmically generated; the imposition of the algorithm is then subverted as the Hack the Royals feature created for the project, allows collectors to disassemble and assemble their royals with absolute freedom.

This also results in a continuously changing rankings, depending on the creative involvement and activity of the collectors. Enhancing the token’s potential, a collector may determine how rare their avatar is going to be, a peculiarity never-seen-before in the NFT scene. Market and ranking expectations are overturned; power lies in the hands of the people.

Queens+Kings had been highly requested by Hackatao’s community on Whale’s Discord; the project continues to grow and evolve thanks to the creative exchange between the artists and the members of the community. Q+K are eager to claim the keys to their crypto-kingdoms and collectively rule with peace and prosperity. Hackatao are very grateful to their collectors and close-knit community, so they had rewarded them by maximizing their opportunity to mint early during the two drops.

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