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Top 7 NFT Design Projects

As we all know very well now, the NFT phenomenon has given rise to a revolution not only limited to the world of art. We are in front of a wide-ranging event that has changed the way of thinking of our society and the approach to the present and the future.

Among the many areas that have been inspired by the wind of innovation, the Design universe has been able to immediately grasp its potential and possible applications perhaps because, to quote Leonard Bruce Archer, “Design is what you do, not what you’ve done.”

Objects, furniture, interiors and architecture are some of the elements that in recent years have taken shape in the digital space offered by the metaverse. Although it is an “abstract” environment, far from the material-oriented design that characterizes Design itself, this place parallel to reality has been able to convince even the most doubtful, offering an alternative, during a period of emergency, to perform the same daily functions but with technological support.

These dynamics are not new to the world of design. In fact, life simulation games such as The Sims or Animal Crossing have long allowed the user to experience a different reality firsthand, through the personalization of a space designed and furnished according to their tastes.

In any case, the revolution that has taken place over the last year is a specific starting point, an opportunity to expand the testing of new possible approaches that can better meet the needs of the public and the companies themselves.

Andrés Reisinger, The shipping

The collection created by the Argentinian digital artist based in Barcelona, consists of ten pieces of furniture, five of which are equipped with physical complements all of which can be implemented in any open world.

The series of 3D furniture sold through the Nifty Gateway platform for a total of 450 thousand dollars includes, among others, sofas with special shapes, a set of drawers, tables that defy gravity and a pink rotating office chair, all used to embellish virtual worlds and gaming environments such as the well-known Minecraft.

On the famous marketplace, Reisinger has also made available 168 NFTs of the Hortensia Chair, a digital piece of furniture that has gone viral on Instagram. Similar to a cloud, the armchair was designed to be covered with 20,000 petals of light pink fabric.

After a moment of research and development, the designer worked with Júlia Esqué, a product designer specialized in textiles and the MOOOI brand, to create the first real version, on display at the Montoya gallery in Barcelona.

Andrés Reisinger has worked closely with design brands such as Cassina and Ikea, and with companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Samsung to challenge the boundaries of different media.

Thanks to his digital enterprises and creations, Reisinger has won several important awards from Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe, ADC One Club Young Guns and AD100.

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