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Top 25 NFT Collectibles Project

NFT collectible fever rises and falls, also based on the trend of cryptocurrencies, which determine the purchasing power of wallets around the world.

If in November the sales of collectibles amounted weekly to just over 13 thousand NFT traded, taking a step back a few months, according to statistics the number of collectibles sold weekly even reached almost 400 thousand.

It is precisely in that period that collectibles projects have increasingly conquered the market, which now makes it desired to be owned as Bored Ape Yacht Club: at the same time, however, many NFT collectibles projects are born every day “like mushrooms” and for a collector becomes increasingly difficult to choose which one to invest in.

For this reason, The NFT Magazine has drawn up the ranking of the 25 most valuable NFT collectible projects to find out on what basis the roadmap, together with market data, was born, with analysis of the data relating to the communities that support them.

Learning to choose will make a difference for your wallet…

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