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Top 20 NFT Photographers

Photography seems to be re-experiencing a new redemption, set aside for a long time now is regaining its rightful place among the contemporary arts. Important exhibitions are opening all over the world, and photographers are beginning to be considered real artists who with their shots manage to capture moments that make history, in short we are experiencing a new photographic revolution.

With the advent of technology we can say that photography has become one of the most popular hobbies among people. With millions of smartphones and digital cameras sold every year, almost all of us take photos every day, so the chances of people seeing digital rather than analog images is much higher than before.

All this, helped by blockchain technology and the development of Non-Fungible Tokens, has led to the creation of a real artistic movement: NFT photography. At the end of 2021 when the word NFT was on everyone’s lips, no one looked carefully at what would later be considered one of the most disruptive changes in the digital world.

The freedom that NFTs have granted to creators is almost endless, and this has done nothing but attract even photographers, that in view of shots sold by analogously between 60 and 100 dollars have seen their works sell for six figures. At the end of 2021, the average price for NFT photographs was around 0.25 ETH and now that the movement is emerging the average price for established photographers is between 1 and 5 ETH.

Considering that the value of the Non Fungible Tokens is inextricably linked to that of cryptocurrencies, photography becomes a real artistic and economic asset within an NFT collection. The world of NFT photography is taking its first steps and has not received yet all the attention it deserves, but it will certainly be one of the main sectors to keep an eye on for 2022.

Below we have selected the most influential photographers who have made and are making their passion and work a real reference for NFT photography.



Isaac Wright


Michael Yamashita


Jacob Raglin


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