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Top 12 Crypto World Gatekeepers

NFTs have opened new dimensions of involvement for new players, including artists and creators, collectors, experts, and gatekeepers.


These are key people in the crypto community with different interests, skills, and experiences, sometimes they are collectors too, who have built their own communities, becoming real catalysts of attention with Twitter profiles or servers on Discord.


They built communities based on dialogue and constant confrontation, no matter from which timezone they were writing; what has become fundamental is the sharing of ideas and the construction of environments that, even if digital, seem more real than ever.


Between one tweet and another, the positive vibes are never lacking, as well as the exchange of experiences and knowledge that often take the form of unmissable newsletters or NFTs with utilities whose possession alone allows you to be part of a movement of people who believe in the values and principles on which the community is based.


Please note: no financial advice is given by the 12 gatekeepers we selected for this list, but on the contrary, they are figures – whose identity is more or less known – who can open debates within a crypto world that is no longer on the margins but takes more and more space in many areas of our society.


We just have to know them better…

Gary Vaynerchuk




GMoney NFT


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