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The sinuous expansion of the Universe (v1) by BlackCubeNFT

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BlackCubeNFT is an artist/creator, who is also an active member of our Discord community.

For this reason, we’re happy to support his art by giving our Readers Club Members the possibility to collect one of her amazing NFT artworks exclusively in our Readers Gallery by using our NFTM TOKEN!

This is a great way to collect this talented artist and support her artistic research!

THE ARTWORK:  The sinuous expansion of the Universe (v1)

The sinuous expansion of the Universe started from the hot dense state of matter known as the big bang explosion.
This collection is inspired by BlackCube’s fascination with cosmic phenomena.

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  • You can collect this NFT only with your NFTM TOKENS
  • No gas fee and no additional costs
  • If you win the auction, you will receive all the details for the transfer of NFTM via EMAIL
  • You will receive your NFT via Airdrop in your wallet
  • No reserve price!


BlackCube is the mysterious 玄 black box in which you find magical pieces of digital art. It is also the pseudonym of a business author and corporate professional. A citizen of the world who spent several years in eCommerce leading roles for big tech companies, currently working on disruptive innovation and new business models, leading a corporate venture within a known healthcare firm.
BlackCube’s artistic path begins as a writer some years ago when it starts sharing its business knowledge with a broad audience on a well-known social media platform for authors, there obtaining a notable amount of followers and appreciation. The initiation to being a contemporary augmented author and digital collector commences in 2020 when it realizes the incredible potential of generative art technology and artificial intelligence.
Combining its passion for writing, modern art, and its fascination for local cultures and traditions, it decides to specialize in using AI to transform short texts and words into generative art and immutable NFT artworks, sometimes paying tribute to other artists who left an important legacy on Earth. In February 2022, BlackCube opens its pop-up shop, a time-limited experiment, the success of which can only be decreed by its art collectors (the buyers).
More from the Cosmo series can be found here: https://www.blackcube.digital/cosmo and here https://www.blackcube.digital/cosmo-duo


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