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Soul-Slaking Joy by Opuscula

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Opuscula is an artist/creator, who is also an active member of our Discord community.

For this reason, we’re happy to support her and her art by giving our Readers Club Members the possibility to collect one of her amazing NFT artworks exclusively in our Readers Gallery by using our NFTM TOKEN!

This is a great way to collect this talented artist and support her artistic research!

THE ARTWORK:  Soul-Slaking Joy

“I experienced a joy then I knew nothing else would ever equal. Not an “I love you” in the world could touch it—a magnificent chronicle of working out the body, the soul, and nature”

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  • You can collect this NFT only with your NFTM TOKENS
  • No gas fee and no additional costs
  • If you win the auction, you will receive all the details for the transfer of NFTM via EMAIL
  • You will receive your NFT via Airdrop in your wallet
  • No reserve price!


“I’m an illustrator or visual artist based in Indonesia that paints in dreamy & magical characters, and/or sometimes whimsical—inspired by feelings, surroundings and everything in between that contains details and bright colors. Mainly talking about warm feelings related to dreams, fantasy, happiness, excitement, and pleasure, I hope that these feelings naturally soak into people’s hearts”


Only 1 left in stock