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Metaborg – Issue #1 – Original

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Metaborg is a 140 pages NFT Manga created and designed by Giovanni Motta.
It is a piece of art created through the use of multiple artistic and digital techniques: drawing, painting, modeling and 3D animation.

Every collector of this historic launch will be a Fighter Collector!


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  • You can collect this NFT only with your NFTM TOKENS
  • No gas fee and no additional costs
  • If you win the auction, you will receive all the details for the transfer of NFTM via EMAIL
  • You will receive your NFT via Airdrop in your wallet
  • Starting price: 2.000 NFTM



Humanity has been wiped out by a deadly pandemic created in a laboratory. Only the male kids and a nameless little girl have survived. The survivors have no memory of the past, they live in small neighborhood gangs and know only one law: the law of the strongest. Fighting tournaments are organized everywhere and the common hope is to qualify for the Metaborg, the world’s most important fighting tournament taking place in Kapitale, the city of destiny. The winner of the Metaborg will face the little girl, the warrior goddess.


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