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karunâ by Monica Aguilar

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Monica Aguilar is an artist/creator, who is also an active member of our Discord community.

For this reason, we’re happy to support his art by giving our Readers Club Members the possibility to collect one of her amazing NFT artworks exclusively in our Readers Gallery by using our NFTM TOKEN!

This is a great way to collect this talented artist and support her artistic research!


karunâ in Sancrit means grace and compassion. This is part of ‘Bird jewelry’, a collection I created while experimenting with how my handmade painting can be augmented through artificial intelligence.

View the NFT on OpenSea


  • You can collect this NFT only with your NFTM TOKENS
  • No gas fee and no additional costs
  • If you win the auction, you will receive all the details for the transfer of NFTM via EMAIL
  • You will receive your NFT via Airdrop in your wallet
  • No reserve price!


I’m an audiovisual artist, filmmaker, music producer. I am from Mexico City. I live in Rotterdam, NL since 2019. In recent years I have completely dedicated myself to audiovisual art, I have just finished studying music production and have started my career as an NFT artist and NFT music producer


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