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Interview with Zach Burks

Recently, NFT marketplace Mintable – known also for being one of the few to accept payments with credit cards – announced a new update of the platform, which has 30 million non fungible tokens listed.

Among the new features, Mintable revealed ERC-721 tokens support, rarity meter & sales analytics and much more.

This is why we decided to interview Zach Burks, CEO at Mintable.

With a lot of competition right now, how do you think you managed to reach 30 millions of NFTs on your platform? Which are your strengths?

We’ve gone through every transaction on the blockchain to get all the NFT data possible and we’ve added that to Mintable. So now if you made an NFT in 2017 or 2 minutes ago, it will show up on Mintable and all of its history, data. And even analytics can be seen.

Which are the NFT that are trending the most on Mintable? And which kind of art?

The hottest NFTs remain to be pfps (profile pictures) and avatars. These collectibles are extremely hot and a lot of projects are released every week with more nfts.

People seem more interested in collectibles than crypto art, right? Why? Is it a bubble?

Artwork is hard to make 10,000 pieces of, and a painting isn’t as attractive as a social media picture, compared to a collectible avatar project.

So while art sales are still increasing, there is more volume happening on collectibles and projects.

How do you see the future of NFTs?

NFTs will permeate throughout society and spill into daily life very soon. You’ll get an NFT at Starbucks, or McDonalds, an NFT for your concert tickets and NFTs for physical goods.

NFTs are not going away anytime soon and only augment existing businesses, so they have true utility and value to many verticals around the globe.

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