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Interview with Yuri Catania

Yuri Catania is an eclectic photographer who in the last year has approached the world of crypto and NFT to develop a project of NFT Photography called “my MONTEGENEROSO”: a tribute to the nature that surrounds him. In this interview he describes how he approached the world of analog photography before arriving at Non Fungible Tokens.

How did you approach the NFT world?

Exactly a year ago, I met Andrea Concas on ClubHouse and inside the rooms we worked together on art. Before that time I didn’t know anything about NFTs, crypto art etc.

Andrea has opened up a world in which I have met a community of international artists, now references of exchange and support. Among them I had the chance to meet Hackatao, Dangiuz, Andrea Crespi, DotPigeon and many others.

I didn’t jump headlong into the NFT world, but I spent months studying to understand and learn about this technology. For those who come from the “physical” world, despite my work is no longer being understood as classical photography, it is not easy to find the right original motivation and balance between the two worlds. So wanting to merge the two,

I had to first re-educate my creativity and vision and then, start to create a community with which I could measure myself. Because NFT means confrontation, exchange and support at a speed that in reality doesn’t exist.

Now I am an enthusiast for all the design opportunities that can be developed with it and for the digital/virtual world that is being formed. This involvement of mine has also led me to become a collector of NFTs, whose curatorship is managed by Silvia Torricelli, Gallery owner of CasaGalleria.ART where we sell physical and digital art and where we have, in addition to a space open to the public near Lugano in Switzerland, also a space in the metaverse.

Tell us about your next NFT project: my GENEROSO

It’s a project that was born in 2018 in Rovio in Canton Ticino, a city where I live with Silvia Torricelli ( my partner, my agent and life partner), a special place where we have our world: a house gallery, the photo studio and the laboratory where I mold and frame my works on aluminum.

All this is surrounded by nature, between the lake, the mountain and the Merlot vineyards. The frame of the landscape that surrounds me is that of Monte Generoso that rises vertically from the garden of the house for over 1,000 meters.

This symbolizes a big hug for me. From the very first day I take photos of it at any time of the day, season and in any atmospheric event. As in a personal diary between me and the mountain, – me as an observer and the mountain as the observed protagonist – I tell the story about us and of the time that passes during all of the mountain’s mutations: clouds, sunsets, snow-capped peaks, rainbows, moons and stars.