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Interview with TokenAngels

“It was love at first sight”, he says, speaking about some meetings he had in 2019 with Sandbox and OpenSea.

He started investing in crypto from the very beginning and then in 2019 he started to put his money into gaming and NFTs.

We are speaking about Tokenangels, one of the biggest NFT whales that we decided to interview to know more about his history and market analysis.

​​When and why did you start to collect NFTs?

I was raised in a family of collectors, my parents used to collect antiques and they shared their passion for art with me since I was a kid, bringing me very often to art fairs and museums.

I started to collect NFTs in 2019 because I was already investing in the blockchain space and I felt a new movement was born. Crypto Art, I wanted to give my contribution to it.

Do you follow a precise strategy to collect NFTs?

I am building my collection with those artists and works that had a cultural importance within the Crypto Art scene. I try to keep my collection updated in relation to what I read and learn and I also keep an eye on how artists evolve.

There are some artworks that are particularly important because they time-stamped a strong message, so I am very attached to those and it will be hard for me to let them go.

On the contrary I believe that both me and the artists I collect can change over time.

So, I could feel less of the same vibes and for this reason I am open to sell to new collectors willing to purchase their works that might mean more to them at that point.

Which are the 3 artists you suggest to keep an eye on?

With the recent sales of RarePepe at Sotheby’s I think all the artists that created cards will become more interesting with time, I like in particular MrHansel.

I am also a big fan of MLO (Martin Lukas Ostachowki) also known as “the clouds artist” for his great love and works dedicated to the sky and its clouds.

Last but not least I’m really interested to see what Federico Solmi’s next steps in NFTland will be.

He has been producing digital/VR art for more than 10 years and I think NFTs will help him to express all his creativity.