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Interview with The Edicurial Collection

The Edicurial Collection was founded in March 2021 by traditional arts supporter and long-term NFT enthusiast, Elsie

The collection’s name, “Edicurial”, is a neologism of the verb “edit” (that is, to modify and curate artefacts for their public display) and “curatorial” (a term coined by traditional curator Maria Lind to describe diachronic exhibitions that occur in daily life)

Let’s get to know something more about this project in this exclusive interview.

​​When, how and why did you start collecting?

I started collecting Crypto and Digital Art during the speculative glitch of March/April 2021. However, prior to this year, I had registered the domain edicurial.com,’ as I felt it might be useful to establish an online presence (coincidentally, this was around the same time as the CryptoPunk launch in 2017).

The title I decided upon, ‘Edicurial,’ is a neologism of the verb ‘to edit’ and the abstract concept of the ‘curatorial.’ The curatorial was first conceived by independent curator Maria Lind to define diachronic exhibitions of daily life. Therefore, ‘Edicurial’ reflects the ongoing growth of a collection that is reflexive to the developments of Crypto Art.

By collecting, curating, and editing Crypto artworks, The Edicurial Collection demystifies and raises awareness of NFTs in traditional contexts, serving as an example of a thoughtfully curated group of works and supporting Crypto Art as the important artistic genre it is today.

How do you search for artists?

While looking at suitable artists for the collection, I take three objectives into account:

  1. To support emerging and established digital artists in the Crypto Art community.
  2. To identify those who may contribute to the next generation of important works, all while steering the genre’s evolution.
  3. To provide supportive documentation of their achievements. 

I share the popular belief that education is paramount to all engagements in Crypto Art, and so by taking this approach, The Edicurial Collection invests in artists that promote innovation, community, and creative prosperity – three determining factors that underpin Crypto Art’s present success.