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Interview with SeerLight

Based in Los Angeles, SeerLight drops his NFTs on the specialized platform of SuperRare and during his career started more than 1 year ago in the space, he sold NFTs for more than 20 millions Dollars.

Among his buyers we can find Vincent Van Dough, Artifaction, Starrynight and many famous NFT collectors.

SeerLight is also co-founder at the Capsule House startup, an NFT collection realized together with another designer called Kaejunni and followed also by Cozomo de’ Medici (Snoop Dogg’s nickname for the crypto art world).

This collection of 10’000 NFTs was created on OpenSea, where it traded more than 20 Ethereum. With over 120 variants, each Capsule NFT contains a verifiably rare and unique gachapon artwork, a famous toy popular in Japan. Holding a Capsule grants collectors to future drops from the team, as well as an all access pass to the expansion of the CAPSULEVerse.

What do you think about the future of NFTs and which sectors will be the most popular?

I think nfts are here to stay. We saw a lot of doubt about the nft space if it was going to last or not back in the slow bear period of March-June.

We ended up having an even bigger uptick in volume later that year. We’ll probably continue seeing this wave of volume come and go as it does with the usual crypto markets. But overall I think nfts will go mainstream at some point. 

Currently there’s a lot of emphasis on the pfp projects which I believe will probably continue being one of the most popular sectors just because of how easy it is to get into and out. I think in time there will be other sectors that will pop up and become even bigger than pfps like gaming. 1/1 pieces will probably continue being the premium section for nfts.

What do you think of metaverses and their future?

Pretty excited for metaverses like the kind we see in ready player one. Current metaverses are in their super early phases that aren’t very interesting yet.

It will probably be quite a few years in the future before we start seeing the high-quality metaverses actually coming out to the public. Until then I’m not very excited about the current ones we have.

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