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Interview with PLAN X Gallery

NFTs, the cultural phenomenon of the year, are revolutionizing the way of conceiving art.

For this reason, the main characters of the art sector, including art galleries, auction houses and museums, are getting closer than ever to the NFT world in order  to test its potential.

In the Italian panorama, there is no shortage of courageous art galleries that are starting to promote, enhance and sell NFT works: among these the Plan X Gallery in Milan.

Founded in 2018 by Marcello Polito and Nicolò Stabile, it was born with the aim of building a space open to everyone. Getting closer and closer to the NFT world, last June 16 they presented in Milan the first exhibition dedicated to crypto art in Italy “Lost in Crypto” curated by the digital artist DotPigeon. The exhibition involves some of the most important crypto artists in the world such as Six N.Five, Ness Graphics and James Sutton together with DotPigeon’s work “Goat Amongst Goats”.

In this interview, the two gallery owners tell us more about how it all began, their approach to the market and the world of crypto art plus, they also give us some previews on future projects.

When, how and why was PLAN X Gallery born?

PLAN X was born in 2018 from the desire to create a new generation gallery concept, without patterns and within everyone’s reach.

Both Marcello and I started our journey as collectors and we immediately realized that the artistic line that interested us was not represented by any other gallery in Italy and so a bit for the challenge a bit for fun we launched ourselves into the PLAN X project.

The idea behind our gallery is to create a direct relationship with the visitor, trying to intrigue his curiosity but at the same time making him feel at ease, by conveying the message that art is not something elitist and distant but something for everyone.

How did you approach the NFT world as a gallery?

Being a gallery born in the middle of the digital era, we have always paid attention to artistic forms related to digital, it is no coincidence that our second exhibition was with DotPigeon, digital artist from Milan that we discovered and launched. It was thanks to him that we entered the NFT world at the end of 2020

Struck by the potential and the concept of this new medium, on the occasion of his first solo show “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” in our gallery in Milan we thought of merging physical and digital, combining the presentation of the physical works created by the artist with his drop of NFT on the Nifty Gateway platform. The exhibition, created in collaboration with Larry’s List, was an incredible success and marked our baptism in the NFT world and the beginning of our collaboration with the Nifty Gateway platform.

2021 was a decisive year for the art world with the boom of NFTs and the constant growth of attention towards crypto artists by auction houses, collectors and operators in the sector.