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Interview with Max Rabinovitch

Socios.com, creators of Fan Tokens, is one of the first Web3 applications for sports. They work with 160+ sporting organisations, providing them with a tool to engage and empower their fans. Through the Socios.com app, fans can influence their teams and earn rewards for their loyaly.

What was it like setting up socios before the big hype of Fan Tokens and NFTs?

In early 2018 the current landscape of Web3 powered promotion, fan engagement and the like in sports didn’t exist. When we had developed a robust enough technology base and a work-able demo to approach clubs with, the education began.

We had to explain our specific offering and its value, blockchain and Fan Tokens as an asset class. The last part in particular took time as Fan Tokens are our innovation, we needed to convey the potential of the global, centralized membership ecosystem we envisioned.

Today we can discuss with partners the intricacies of token supplies, engagement statistics, etc., forgetting that a few short years ago the question wasn’t “what makes Fan Tokens different from an NFT collection and/ or how can they help my brand?”.

The question was simply “what the hell are you guys talking about?”

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