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Interview with Matthew Ferrick

How did you approach the world of Crypto Art and NFTs? I know you have always loved being involved in outreach through a podcast

I first entered NFT land in December of 2017 thanks to CryptoKitties. Around that time I joined the crypto social platform Cent, first as an employee and then becoming a co-founder, where I first came across the dank world of cryptoart thanks to the many crypto artists sharing their art and the process of NFT minting.

As Cent community lead and collector I wanted others to be able to listen to the amazing conversations I was having with artists and builders in the cryptoart & NFT space, so I started a podcast with my dude Rizzle called The Matthew & Rizzle Show, or MARS for short where we’ve interviewed over a hundred artists and builders. We also created the longest-running metaverse meetup called The WIP (short for Work-in-Progress Meetup) which shines a spotlight on artists and builders and their latest creations.

Why did you join NiftyGateway and what has changed since then?

I joined Nifty Gateway in January 2021 so I could focus 100% of my time on making artists rich. Since I joined I have worked with some of the best artists in the world to produce collections that have grossed over $250 million on the primary market. The platform has been expanding and improving daily, and we just released a recent major product feature called Publisher.

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