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Interview with Kenny Schachter

UK-based American artist Kenny Schachter has been curating contemporary art exhibits in museums and galleries, teaching art history and economics for nearly 30 years, and, with interest growing around NFTs, he decided in 2021 to launch his series of 10,000 collectibles called CryptoMutts, which we chose to include in our top 25 as one of the best NFT projects.

That’s why we decided to interview Kenny to know more about his work and the future of CryptoMutts.

When did you first hear about NFTs, and why did you decide to use this tech?

I heard about NFTs about a year and a half ago, but I have employed digital means, including animation, in my art for nearly 30 years—I just had to wait for the world to catch up. It’s been very lonely until then!

How did you come with the idea of this NFT project?

I was looking at the plethora of PFP projects flooding the market and found it as overwhelming as absurd. But if you can’t beat them… So my idea was to take a handful of preexisting projects and put them in a conceptual blender in the act of sincere satire but to offer up the concept of a meaningful community, which I felt was sorely missed from many such projects in this instance based on art.

How is it going on with the roadmap?

Crypto Mutts are a reflection of my life’s work, and I don’t take the responsibility lightly. But art is spontaneous! You can’t dial in inspiration. But I have many projects unfolding by the second, including multiple exhibitions, TV and documentary projects, and where I go, the Mutts go!

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