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Interview with Andrea Concas

Who is Andrea Concas

Passionate, innovator, curious, sometimes visionary, Andrea Concas talks about art, innovation and NFT every day as an entrepreneur, gallery owner, collector, teacher, consultant, speaker all over the world.

Founder and CEO of the art startup Art Rights, a platform for the management and certification of works of art and ArtBackers.Agency, a Cultural Marketing and Communication agency entirely dedicated to the world of Art 3.0 and NFTs.

He gave life to The AB Gallery art galleries and founded ProfessioneARTE.it, the first online community for training, updating and orientation towards the professions of art.

He created ArteConcasBOT, the first ChatBOT in the art world, which answers questions about artists, their lives, works and the market.

He is the author of the book “ProfessioneARTE – The protagonists, investment opportunities, new digital challenges”, the first guide for those who want to make art in their profession.

He has published in eBook format for Edizioni Piemme “L’ Arte Post Coronavirus. Digital strategies for art professionals “and” Crypto Art. All you need to know about NFT, Blockchain and Digital Art” the first guide that allows you to find out everything about NFT, how to create works, sell them or start your own collection by becoming an active part of the crypto community.

He is the creator and founder of The NFT Magazine, the first monthly to read and collect on Ethereum/Blockchain.

With his videos and social channels he promotes and supports art every day.

Based on an idea and project of The NFT Magazine, "CRYPTO ART - Begins" published by Rizzoli illustrati for Mondadori Electa and Rizzoli New York, is the world's first book on the exciting world of Crypto Art: why was it important to talk about this new art movement?

What has happened in these two years has been something overwhelming, frenetic: awaited by those who believed in Crypto Art and unexpected by doubters of NFT, cryptocurrencies and more generally of Digital Art. A true revolution, initiated by the vision of the artists, that we have decided to recount through their experiences and above all their art.

The beginning of Crypto Art has now come, so it was time to talk about it. For those like us who, since 2016, have been reflecting and exploring the applications of Blockchain in contexts such as art, publishing and fintech it was just a matter of time, but no one could imagine that this moment would arrive in such a disruptive and participatory way.

In response to this unprecedented pattern of active engagement, we founded The NFT Magazine, the first monthly to read and collect on Ethereum blockchain.

Besides collecting covers celebrating the works of the greatest Crypto Artists, readers, for the first time, have taken an active and participatory role. The editorial staff of The NFT Magazine has in fact shared with its readers the editorial choices, exchanging views regularly on the rapid evolutions of this world.

The dialogue with Artists and Collectors has allowed us to dive into the core of the creative dynamics, which sometimes go beyond the market and economic trends, because behind a digital work of art lies the vision of the artist’s research supported and shared by the online community.

“CRYPTO ART – Begins” talks about this exciting beginning and evolution through the history and works of 50 artists who are contributing to the past, present, and future of this new world with their NFTs, engaging and inspiring their communities of thousands of collectors and not just.

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