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Interview with Alessandro De Grandi, CEO-FOUNDER di The Nemesis

With the great boom of metaverse during the 2021 and announcement of Meta of Facebook us one expects great things from this field also for 2022.  That’s why we have decided to interview one of the promoters of this virtual world, The Nemesis, in the person of its CEO and Founder Alessandro De Grandi.

When and how did you come up with the idea of founding The Nemesis?

As a lover of video games, virtual worlds, and interactive experiences, it has always been a dream for me to create a virtual 3D place where I could connect and join people through gaming experiences. 

In 2016 I started working on developing a 3D environment creation engine that allows you to virtualize real environments through the camera of your mobile phone or create them from scratch using a digital library with more than 50,000 assets. 


In those years, during a pitch competition in Shanghai, I met Riccardo and a strong synergy was immediately created between his background in sales and marketing and my skills in technical and project management. In 2018 with the new technology, we immediately understood that the time had come so we created the company.

What are the applications of a metaverse and what are the uses for companies??

The Nemesis is a platform that integrates video games, blockchain, social and 3D virtual worlds (metaverse) to engage the user and offer interactive experiences.

We allow companies and brands to enjoy an innovative virtual experience that revolutionizes the ways of user engagement by shifting the logics of the ADV; from passively enjoying contents, to enhance the “brand experience” firsthand thanks to gamification and the organization of live events within the metaverse.