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How to create a collectible project

The beauty of the digitization of collectibles is that it allows everyone, regardless of age, social extraction, or professional background, to create their own collection, sponsor it and sell it.

However, the fact that there are no particular access constraints to create your own NFT does not mean that it is easy to realize a successful collectibles project that does not require perseverance, strategy, skill, and a bit of luck.

The first aspect to consider if you want to launch a collectibles project is inevitably the technical one. You must first develop an idea and choose an eye-catching subject.

The image must express something that people are happy to tie their identity to and, better yet, be part of what we call collective memory.

After deciding on the subject, one must choose the traits that will change from NFT to NFT and make the collectible more or less rare. These metadata are, for example, the type of hairstyle, eyes, ears, and accessories.

But there three things that makes a collectible project successful:

  • The Community
  • The Selling Phase
  • The Utilities

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