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eSports and Blockchain

Humankind have always liked to compete and watch competitions. We all love the adrenaline which each sporting challenge brings. Sports and tournaments are therefore, since the dawn of time, an important part of our lives, also revealing themselves, until a few decades ago, as the most important source of entertainment.

By doing a little flashforward, we can say that with the advent of technology, this world took on new forms, a shape better adapted to the contemporary age.

This is how Esports, video games played competitively and professionally in terms of digital sports, are born. A perfect fusion between the historical customs and the means at our disposal today.

Over the years, eSports have gained in popularity and revenue data from the video game industry is extremely promising. In fact, in 2022 they generated $200 billion worth of business around the world. ESport tournaments skyrocketed to hit the bar of $ 2 billion in total payouts. But to profit, in this context, are not only the providers, yet also the platforms where you can even just watch other users playing.

Twitch, in this case, is the most striking example. The platform reported that it had accumulated 770 billion viewing minutes in just 2022, and the year is not over yet

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