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Discover the 50 artists inside the book

In the digital era, between NFT and Metaverses, there is room for “CRYPTO ART – Begins”, a book that represents publishing innovation for the new Phygital bookstores now between print and WEB3.

Over the past year, Crypto Art has swept through the Digital Art world and beyond, involving collectors, museums, and auction houses giving rise to a true digital revolution.

It was led by visionary artists who promoted this unprecedented movement with new rules, overwhelming dynamics and innovative ways of enjoying art.

This is why the book “CRYPTO ART – Begins” published by Rizzoli illustrati for Mondadori Electa and Rizzoli New York was born, based on the idea and project of The NFT Magazine, the first monthly magazine to be read and collected on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The book tells about this exciting movement through the history and works of 50 crypto artists – including HACKATAO, Refik Anadol, Kevin Abosch, Osinachi, Federico Clapis, Giant Swan, DADA.Art – who have contributed to the birth and are still active part with their NFTs – Non Fungible Tokens – of the present and future of this new world.

For the first time Andrea Concas – Founder of The NFT Magazine – theorizes and defines the “Crypto Art System” by which we go beyond technological solutions, identifying its protagonists, along with the dynamics behind this revolution between communities, digital platforms and artists.

Through dialogues with the artists and their works, the visions, aspirations, complexities, as well as limitations of a world that is all in flux and yet to be discovered, emerge.

To tell the story for The NFT Magazine is curator Eleonora Brizi, a pioneer of the movement, who has lived side by side with artists, in unsuspected times, the great evolution and rise of Crypto Art, even before the disruptive descent into the market.

Inside the book there is also the contribution of the first Crypto Art Historian Martin L. Ostachowski, who timely reconstructed the origins of the movement.

“CRYPTO ART – Begins” is a groundbreaking book that finds its way onto the shelves of the best bookstores, bookshops and museums around the world, as well as into the Metaverse, with a virtual reality exhibition of all the artists involved, accessible through an NFT, which each reader can redeem for free within the book.

Innovation does not stop, and for the first time, a prestigious publishing project enters the world of WEB3, to offer the opportunity for collectors to purchase a special collectible edition of the book exclusively in NFT.

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