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Wallet Bridge Connection

A fast and safe solution to access The Readers Club if you use Hardware Wallet like LEDGER, Trezor or other wallets like Coinbase, Fortmatic…

please follow these steps

1) go to metamask and create a new wallet, or use an existing wallet without ledger.

2) connect the new metamask wallet on login page

3) go to THE “Sorry Page” and hit “click here” on the bottom of the page or refresh this page after the connection

4) Insert in thIS form the Wallet address where you hold the nft magazine cover, and click “CREATE bridge”.

You are logged in as


Wallet not connected.

CLICK HERE to connect your wallet

Please Note:

We use this Bridge ONLY to verify the presence of the NFTs in your wallet and to create a Mirror Key of access to
  The Readers Club in order to give access to all wallets. 
No further actions will be carried out on your wallet!