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Best Games and Crypto Platforms on Blockchain

You must always play fair when you hold the winning cards“.

It is with a quote from Oscar Wilde that we enter the world of blockchain-based and therefore decentralized games (dApp game).

Oscar Wilde refers to playing fair: every player must respect the rules and not use any arquebus or artifice to bring home victory.

But can we really say that traditional games can be played fairly?

Unfortunately, any game can be “rigged”, especially in video games. Just think of the various trainers, scripts and macros that allow skilled cheaters to win any match. Cheaters are not easy to detect and sometimes the measures taken against them are too light.

So, is there any way to avoid cheaters?

Thanks to the blockchain and the implementation of smart contracts, we see that in this type of controlled environment it is almost impossible to cheat as operations and transactions take place directly on-chain, making, in fact, immutable information, such as the number of points, the features of a gaming asset, the number of wins and defeats and so on.

The dapp games are not only a new way to counter cheaters on every front, but they also allow you to expand the boundaries of games as never before: let’s also consider that you no longer need to have a dedicated console or a dedicated hardware to play, you just need a wallet where information and progress are saved, as well as game objects.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the possibility of trading and selling our own assets. These game items now have an economic value and can be resold independently and independently from the game creator. For example, we can sell a weapon in the form of an NFT on the free market.

The premise leads us to ask ourselves: which games have these characteristics or are they interesting? Not all dApp games have the same characteristics or bring advantages for the player.

That’s why we’re going to explore some games that can bring profit by investing even just time.